Saturday, July 14, 2018

Shelter Loves

I was up with the birds to get my son off to a soccer tourney today! He was thrilled, nothing makes me happier than to share in my kid's excitement when they find something they are passionate about. I figured while I was at it, I may as well write up Friday's missed blog post. I've been off the charts busy but only with GREAT things! I have a number of projects under way and luckily, I am LOVING all of them. Here is what I have up my sleeve and in my "love" folder this week! Have a fabulous weekend!! xx

1. I've been all about chic but easy, comfortable dresses this fall! (and lovely shades of blue)
2. YES, YES, YES!!! Insecurity is the root of most negativity, become more aware of what is really worth your energy. 
3. It seems I'm drawn to either large statement earrings or tiny sophisticated ones. I wear both! These are adorable and on sale. Don't miss Nordstrom's Anniversary sale! 
4. I love vintage, classic cars with beautiful lines.
5. I've been designing mudrooms lately, these shoe bins are great for smaller, clean shoes. I also suggest for a boot tray for muddy and wet shoes. I'm also a big proponent of book storage!!
6. Interesting hardware can make a huge impact!
7. The summer slide. Find these here

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