Thursday, September 20, 2018

Love the look - leopard for Fall!!

Ok, so if you have not noticed LEOPARD prints are everywhere this Fall and not only in the US but all over Europe street shots too. I'm excited, I have long had a love affair with a good leopard print - Today I am sharing my leopard love edit!!


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Sally King Benedict's home and artwork

I am drawn to most ideas that touch on the world of "creative".  One thing that I find fascinating is sneaking a glimpse into how other creative people live. I've long followed Sally King Benedict's artistic journey and work. If you love art, than I am sure you've heard of her too. In the past, her home was featured in both Domino and Beautiful Southern Homes magazine. I love the evolved spirit and off beat mix of materials and furniture she has collected and displayed. Sally often collaborates with other artists, including one of my favorite jewelry designers, Lizzie Fortunato. These earrings are on my must have list.  Lizzie and Sally are childhood friends. Here's a peek of her home she shares with her husband and son. 

Sally in Lizzie Fortunato earrings 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Shelter Loves...

There's something refreshing about waking up on a Friday. I usually make the last day of the work week very productive, easing into the weekend with all the boxes checked and my to do list tackled makes me feel better about enjoying some down time on the weekend. My brain does not turn off much during the week and quite frankly design projects can be all consuming. (I've been known to jot an idea down or draw a quick sketch at 4 am). I'm excited about the array of projects I'm working on and am constantly trying to create the next well executed and designed moment. Here's what sparked my interest this week! Happy Weekend - xx

1. + 2. I think I enjoy the street style better than the photos of the fashion shows during Fashion Week. NY was up this week! One thing I did spot was the resurgence and simplicity of the cotton tee. T-shirts work with just about any type of clothing - A favorite, is the Madewell version (image #1). I am purchasing all three colors of the crew neck (I already own the v-neck) Image (2) shows the versatility of this wardrobe staple. Finally, do you read 'Man Repeller"? It's a witty and well written editorial blog that covers a slew of topics and never leaves out fabulous, fashionable finds. Leandra is a wildly creative writer and her street shots of NYC this year do not disappoint. 

3. Limed wood in the kitch, I also adore the use of an unexpected light above the island.
4. Beautiful stationery with custom monograms. Here are two companies that offer a beautiful selection. 1 and 2
5. The latest necklace trend: The Cowrie choker. This one is pretty. Etsy also a number of inexpensive, casual versions. 
7. The delightful illustrations and paintings by Chinese artist, Oamul Lu. To put it simply, his works make me happy
8. Love this tidbit! #truth

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Windsor - Village Suites

I'm back in full swing and plan to blog weekly again! If your life is anything like mine the first couple weeks of September are always bananas, my kids have however, settled into the school routine nicely. (no tears over homework or sports practice yet).

Sometimes, we all have moments when we dream of living someplace else - During the winter months, I think of escaping to a seaside home in coastal Florida. The planned community of Windsor is a bit of a stretch, but I am a sucker for well considered architecture and beautiful landscaping. This enclave is part country club, part charitable foundation and also has an art gallery that features works by famous artist. This buttoned up perfection comes with a steep price tag, take a peek at their website for details

Windsor recently finished their "village" guest suites, they have been beautifully designed and appointed by Chicago based interior designer, Allessandra Branca. Every suite is slightly different but each combines classic fabrics, unique textiles and a neutral color palette. The nod to the coast is crisp without being overly predictable. If anything, these moment pictured below are beautiful inspiration for a home design. Veranda magazine had a number of lovely images and small vignette shots too. The images below are of guest suites and are in no particular order.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Shelter Loves...

TGIF, is an expression for a reason. I hope I can squeeze all my plans into today so that I can actually chill out with a book and/or a magazine this weekend. Here is what I've got my eye on!! I'm in the mood to make some changes to my home. I'm having a couple pieces of furniture recovered and plan to do some painting! The fall season usually ushers in change around here. Happy Labor day - I hope you're able to kick back and relax too. 

1. Tory Burch has amazing style. I may not love some of her overly branded clothing pieces but she dresses impeccably. Her newly restored vacation home in Antigua was once owned by Bunny Mellon, it is gorgeous. See the rest of this charmer in this month's monster issue of Vogue

2. SALES! I love the thrill of finding clothing or anything for that matter on sale. I currently adore State backpacks and this one is on sale. Metallics are perfect for Emerson, she is VERY into gold and silver lately. The days of me choosing her clothing are long gone. It is in my cart but I may wait until Christmas to give it to her. 

3. A cleanse. After Labor day, I plan to have at least a two-three day cleanse. I have been eating and drinking all summer and need more veggies this Fall. 

4. The large scale pieces by Dallas artist, Carolyn Joe

5. I have wanted to feel lighter lately, I have my eye on this small bag by Clare V. They can be monogrammed or outfitted with accessories. 

6. J. Crew is having an amazing sale too! Leopard is back big time this Fall....It actually never left my wheel house. This jacket is a great staple and is 40% off

7. Shopbop is having a sale too, it's the perfect time to stock up on jeans. I have been wearing flares lately, they are comfy and flattering. 

8. VERY true. 

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Back at it...

Hello! Oh, how I've missed blogging. Thank god, school begins next week - no offense kids but I need more hours in the day lately, between work meetings/emails/orders and running my kids around, I've been trying to get ready for the back to school chaos. I'm fully prepared to receive the influx of paperwork and emails next week. I've also been tackling a shiz-ton of laundry in hopes to make my life easier. I actually don't mind doing the laundry, it's the folding and putting away that gets tedious. My laundry area is in the basement but someday I will have a room to conquer it all! Here are some dreamy ones. I included both large and small solutions, along with some that include doggie baths! (can you imagine!?) Enjoy and good luck to all those dealing with the back to school craziness, you're not alone. xx 

A pocket door is key. 
Even a small space can look beautiful. 
How fun is this door??
Not overly glamorous but functional for a simple basement laundry room. 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Bring it !

I'm not afraid of color and pattern, are you? I often have clients say they love color, but are afraid to use too much of it, more often than not rooms can turn out dull if you don't mix a bit of color with an array of textiles and some pattern. I especially love to do this in children's rooms. Lately, I'm loving rooms that are perfectly imperfect with a little bohemian feel mixed in. Here are a few current favorites. On a personal note, we FINALLY decided on a color palette for my eight year old daughter's bed room. If it were up to her she would mix aqua and purple, we settled on pale purple, grey with touches of pink and white. Follow along on my insta account as I share the details! I loving using  quilts for children's rooms too and plan to use her current bedding with a vintage blanket!

Amber Interiors

Amber Interiors 

This is precious!


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