Monday, October 16, 2017

Cottage Love #60

I can't believe I have shared sixty smaller scale homes with you over the past nine years or so!! I'm still drawn to the coziness and comfort of a cottage style home, so I'll continue to share, share, share the goodness!  Fabulous things can come in small packages. Here's a peek at this month's fave cottage! It's the summer home of blogger Will Taylor and his husband. They did a fabulous job on the revamp..see all the details on Will's site Bright Bazaar. The nautical and clean masculine details are perfect!! (it makes me want to clean my house later today!)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Shelter Loves..

Hello Friday, it's always nice to see you! It's been a busy week and I've been fighting a damn cold. I am drinking my third cup of tea today as I type this. 'Tis the back to school season I guess. With that said, I am getting excited for all of the upcoming holidays. It's a hectic but fun time of year. October is full of birthdays in my family. (including my own) and it kicks off the celebrating. I'm not a huge Halloween person, my kids complain that we don't have any scary decorations out front or around the house...tough life they have! Here's what I've got the "feels" for this week! xx

1. French dressing (as I have mentioned before). I spent some time checking out all the street fashion during the "Fashion weeks" around the globe, I think Paris was my fave. I mean, look at her!! This image further confirms that my simple hair style is OK! I do own a fat barrel iron and adore the pretty curls but more often than not I don't have the time to fuss with it all. I am more of a messy bun, loose pony kind of gal.
2. Okay, I don't want to bore you with all my sweater talk, but I can't deal with itchy clothing. This one is adorable and I promise it's not scratchy!
3. I think I need these sneaks in my life!
4. I'm kind of obsessed at seeing how interesting people live. New York - Behind Closed Doors by Polly Devlin and Ann Schlecter, shares unique peek behind twenty four dynamic New Yorker's homes.  . 
5. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year! If I can get it together, I'll even share a look at my table setting. I am drawn to interesting layered table settings. This one hosted by Jenna Bush Hager caught my eye last weekend. The beautiful menus were created by Poppy Cox Ink
6. Last year as some of you may recall I dressed as Wonder Woman for Halloween, this year I am keeping it simple and am dressing as a stylish black cat. This kitty mask will perfectly finish off my costume. 
7. No one is you!! I love this.
8. I was searching for client art pieces this week and came across the work of Joanne Ho. Her whimsical drawings and water colors draw you in with their saturated color and attention to detail. Joanne will paint commissioned pieces.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Love the look

Let's be honest, how often do you get very dressed up anymore? I am not saying I never dress up, I do from time to time. I think back to my 20's and I am sort of happy I don't have that dry cleaning bill anymore!! Granted I had some gorgeous clothing back then and always looked really chic but my life style and fashion in general has changed over the years. I do get dressed up to go out and for most of my client meetings but when working from my office or running my kids all over creation, I well, prefer looks like this! Cheers to that and to fall fashion!! This is a really simple outfit but it still looks pulled together! kiss kiss...


#2 - these will be mine soon!
#3 - is the perfect size bag. I splurge on bags because I keep them for years!
#4 - These are a good price and staple.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Color Crush October : PINK

I took a summer break from my "color crush" series but I'm bringing it back!! It's no secret that I LOVE color and usually use it thoughtfully in my interior designs. I've brought back this monthly post in full force for a few reasons. First off, October is breast cancer awareness month. We all know someone who has been impacted by breast cancer or that is still fighting. If you would like to donate to research, learn more about prevention or the cause, the Susan G. Komen is a great starting point. My grandmother had it, as well as a few of my dear friends. The good news is there has been a 38% decrease in the mortality rate from 1989-2104. This is the main reason I've chosen this cheery, uplifting color as this month's crush!! The second is because it's my birthday month, and what says Happy Birthday more than pink?? Nothing! It is and will always be a favorite of mine. 

Notes on the images:

- These flowers and glasses pop this kitchen photo shoot off the page!
- Dress by: Oscar de la Renta
- How adorable is this clutch?
- Giovanna at NY fashion week in Celine pants. They also looked great on Lauren.

- This door color and knocker - gah! I am still contemplating my front door color, more on that later this week.
- I am pretty sure one of my client's would adore this bench.
- Pale pink makes a peaceful backdrop in any bedroom
- This ruffled sweater from Madewell is very flattering. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesday inspiration - Reese Witherspoon

With homes in Nashville, L.A. and three Draper James retail locations - I'd say one of my favorite Hollywood actresses, Reese Witherspoon, is a busy lady. I'm drawn to her classic southern girl style and the Draper James store and logo design is very much up my alley too. Mark D. Sikes designed all the stores (lucky man) and is currently working on the interior of her Nashville home, that would honestly be a dream job for me. Here's a some Tuesday afternoon Reese inspiration. Keep on keeping on Reese, we're loving it! Also, looking forward to the next Big Little Lies mini-series. 

Draper James stores

Reese at home

She has since sold this one. 

Reese style

Friday, October 6, 2017

Love the look - sweater weather

October usually kicks off sweater weather around here! After writing this post, I'm going to pack up my bag (with a couple sweaters included of course) and head to Vermont for some leaf peeping, apple picking, hot toddy drinking fun! I've rounded up a selection of comfortable + adorable fall sweaters around!! Happy weekend!! What are your fall traditions?? xoxo 


#2 is amazing and #5 a classic #8 - prettiest pink ever

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Cottage love #59

My birthday is right around the corner, while I tend not to make a big deal of it, I am realizing the older I get the less complicated and cluttered I want my life to be. Because of the revamp to the front of my house there is a trailer out front for the construction debris. I plan to take full advantage of this and toss out some things around my home. 

This Nashville couple decided to down size and have a home custom built when their kids went off to college. They crafted a check list of their perfect design features ahead of time. Their bright and airy cottage style home is free of clutter and perfect for two. I love the white facade, simple clean details and that KITCHEN!!! Beautiful windows mean everything in a home! Enjoy! xx (images via Southern Living)

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Shelter Loves..

I had every intention of sharing this post on Friday but it did not happen. Sometimes the day gets away from us and that is okay. In fact, if you have your health (mentally and physically), safety for you and your family, food to eat and a roof over your head, everything else will be okay, most likely better than okay. Let's face it, life can be dark. I have had a difficult time processing the horrific event that unfolded in Las Vegas. I cannot take my mind off of everyone affected and the innocent people that lost their lives. Their family and friend's pain is unfathomable. 💗

I was also saddened to hear about the passing of Tom Petty. I grew up with his music and I am pretty sure we all have a favorite song that reminds us of a time and place in our life. He grew up poor with an abusive father but somehow rose above it all and shared his song writing ability and musical talent with us for over forty years. Besides sadness, and my work, here is what is rolling around in my mind. Thanks for reading my blog today. I am grateful for you all. xo 

1. I have a thing for ruffle tops. This J.Crew top looks flattering and would be beautiful layered during the colder months. I like the green too and it is 40% off - use code: yayclothes.
2.+ 6. Pretty bedding!! I am in the need of some fresh white bedding and I know I won't go wrong having Cece DuPraz monogram a pair of pretty shams for me
3. Copper down pipes and gutters. I'm always looking at home exteriors but even more so now that I'm going to be REPAINTING in a few weeks!! If I ever build a house I am thinking copper down pipes would be a good idea. ;)
4. Poppy Delevingne is so cute. (I may have even named my cat after hearing her name). She has a beautiful way of wearing feminine frocks. This is one of her outfits during London's fashion week.
5. So many of his songs remind me of different points in my life, especially when I was younger.  “Do something you really like, and hopefully it pays the rent,” he counseled. “As far as I’m concerned, that’s success.” Tom Petty 
Rest in Peace, Tom
I love all types of music and try to introduce different bands to my 7 and 10 year old. You better believe they'll be learning about Tom this week. In fact, we played his songs at breakfast!! 

Monday, October 2, 2017


I actually had planned to share my "Shelter Loves" post with you today but I just was not feeling it after learning the heartbreaking news of the horrifying events that occurred in Las Vegas last night. There isn't much I can say or do to make anyone feel better. I also know that I only have control over my actions and not much else in this crazy world. I will continue to choose love over fear and strive to try to: do all things with love. Sending love, peace and prayers to all the innocent victims, families and those impacted by this senseless act of violence. 


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