Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thoughts on home - walkway

Matty (my bf) has been working on a walkway in front of my house. I haven't had a chance to do a thing with the landscaping yet as most of my efforts have been on revamping the interior of the house but the outside of my home needs some serious love! We re-purposed granite cobblestones and slate pieces from both of our yards for the walkway. Here I've included some inspirational photos along with some actual progress shots below.
We are going to fill in between the slate pieces with pea stone similar to this.
Here is a progress shot. We mapped out the shape and Matty dug out the grass. Next I laid out the pattern of the existing slate that was already on the property. (below) We also ripped out three tired and dated looking bushes that were out front. I LOVE boxwood and plan to mix white flowers and boxwood into the new design. I don't like that large bush but it is staying for now. I think if I shape it, fertilize it and trim it back it will look MUCH better. I'm a girl on a budget so I need to be pick and choose where I spend my money. I'll share the final photos once I update the plantings and paint the facade.
This is just stunning!!
My apologies I've posted this sweet home before but can not remember which blog it is from. I would love to give the owner credit.
I have also decided I want to paint the front of my house white and repaint the shutters black I'll add a little color (not sure which one yet) to the front door. Here are some black and white beauties. I intentionally included some smaller homes in this mix.

** thanks for all your hard work Matty G.**
Also, thank you for all the continued support from my wonderful readers!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Inspired - Marathoners + Aerin Lauder

First off I want to wish a huge good luck to all those running the marathon today. It takes  great skill, ambition and determination to accomplish such a feat!! You are an inspiration.

Secondly, it's finally warming up in Boston!! I'm working a half day today because I'm going to spend the other half with my children. It is school vacation week in Massachusetts.
I've been giving a lot of thought to my yard and sunporch. I've got my computer set up out here today. Enjoying a room with windows on three sides is uplifting, I think I get more accomplished when my work space is filled with natural light and fresh air. I'd love to eventually do this room over.

I've always been inspired by Aerin's style. Although, everything she does is on a much grander scale than I can afford, I still turn to her beautiful properties for inspiration.

Today I wanted to share her pool house and gorgeous backyard. Matty and I dream of having a pool one day! I love the idea of french doors opening out to a beautifully maintained property. (idea #1 for my sun porch redo someday) I have shared indoor and outdoor perspectives.....

Friday, April 18, 2014

Love the look - the tulle skirt

I love adding feminine details to my wardrobe. A tulle skirt can be dressed up or down. For a dressier look simply add a simple t-shirt or cardigan, a staple necklace, and a sweet pair of shoes a la Kate Spade! I've included a high and low version of the tulle skirt and statement necklace. I find it wise to splurge on shoes simply because most inexpensive shoes just aren't comfy and they don't last! (dress a tulle skirt down with a denim shirt and thong sandals)

Happy Weekend, Easter, Spring and Passover!! We are decorating eggs at my home today!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shelter Loves....

Happy Wednesday! I'm sharing what's on my radar and mind this week with y'all. ;)

1. I got a new dresser on sale last weekend. I'm going to change out the knobs to these brass pulls. 
2. I just booked a trip to Bermuda.... I'm heading there in June with my boyfriend. I need a break from life in general to recharge and refresh. I'm thinking of getting these lounge pants to wear around the pool with a bathing suit and or a little tank.
3. YSL clutches are always on my radar and I'm a sucker for kelly green.
4. Loving this beautiful office moment designed by Ashley Whittaker. 
5. Mad Men is back!!
6. Looking forward to being inspired while in Bermuda by the colors, architecture and the climate. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 15th

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since the tragic marathon bombings.  I grew up here and have long held Boston close to my heart.  After witnessing the strength of the entire city and its people, I realized Boston will forever be my home! Today my thoughts and prayers are with those lost, the survivors and their families...xoxo....

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thoughts on home...landscaping

The weather is finally I'm starting to think about the outside of my house and the landscaping. (Yes, it needs love too).

First off, I'm going to put a fresh coat of paint on the outside of the house and the front door. See this post for color ideas and a peek at my little' ole ranch. Luckily the sides of the house have shingles so I only need to paint the front. We are also going to refresh the walkway with slate and pea stone. Here are my thoughts on the photos above:

1. + 4. I'd eventually like to create a slate or brick patio in the back yard off of the three season room.
2. (top right) I'm going to go with a cool color palette mixed with white but I've always wanted to plant pink poppies so I plan to mix some in. I think they'll balance nicely with white and pale, cool colors such as green and purples.
3. I love boxwood and will use that along with white flowers. Boxwood creates a clean, classic feel.
5. I plan to design beds that mix various textures and heights.
6.  This is an image of a updated ranch. I have a three season room off the back of my house that I'd love to turn into a family room at some point. I love the idea of adding windows on one side that face the side yard. I also have a yard off the side of my home.
7. Finally, I dream of having a pool someday. This classic pool and landscaping below is beautiful.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Shelter Loves...

Here's what is garnering a bit of attention on my Pinterest page this week!

1. I'm loving this fiddle head fig leaf drawing by artist Emily Ann Grady. Most artists on Etsy will create commissions for you.
2. I'm dying to paint some built ins with a splash of color.
3. I need to curl my hair with a barrel iron and wear it like this! I love how full her hair looks.
4. I'm on the search for a pair of ballet flats for my daughter Emerson. These would actually stay on her feet.
5. The playroom is almost done in my basement. I ordered the rug Friday and am considering ordering this light fixture.
6. I love this thought!
7. Mudrooms can be chaotic. I prefer to keep them as clean lined as possible. A bit of clutter is always inevitable.
8. I've been using a clutch instead of a large bag all winter. This Rag and Bone one would work with almost any outfit.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thoughts on home...playroom

So my Dad has been an amazing help to me with my new home. Thanks Dad! He has been working on finishing up a downstairs playroom for my kiddies. I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog but I had to give him a shout out!!

Matty (my boyfriend has also been a huge help) and I painted the space last night. Matty painted the walls a clean white color and I painted out a wall with chalkboard paint. Next up I'll be devising my storage ideas and decorating the rest of the space. I'm ordering a simple cost effective cut pile rug this weekend and plan to frame some of the kids artwork at some point for the walls. Here's some inspiration for your own designs. I tried to include something for everyone.

I love the idea of an art center/wall

Loving .....

 I was searching for ideas for a different blog post and came across this colorful design moment by Jenn Feldman. I never seem to tire of Emerald green!! I've used it in my own home. Images by Karyn Millet

Monday, March 31, 2014

The peek of tres chic

Hello All! Happy Monday. I'm over here today on Samantha's wonderful, inspiring blog sharing some of my favorite picks for Spring! Eek, I'm tempted to get an easter bunny for the kiddos, but I know I shouldn't..they are pooping machines!


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