Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Love the look - casual cocktails

Happy hump day y'all, I hope your week is going well. I love looking towards the weekend by Wednesday and this one coming up is extra long. There is an Arts Festival in town and every year and I attend their kick off cocktail party on Friday evening. It's outdoors, so I need to bring a just in case jacket. Some people get very dressed up for the event while others are more casual. I usually fall someplace in between. I've created the perfect look for any late Spring cocktail party and I am loving each and every piece I selected.
Shirts with ties are very current and J. Crew's selection does not disappoint right now. In fact, their entire catalog looks amazing. Nordstrom is also having their half yearly sale through June 4th! (How damn cute is that bun?)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The herb garden

I am OVER due for some time to work on my yard. I have most of the day free sans my children this Saturday so I plan to work in the yard and do some planting and weeding! My lawn also needs some love before the summer weather arrives. I think I have mentioned I enjoy cooking and usually grow a small veggie garden outside my kitchen window. If I had a million dollars and tons of time, I promise, my yard would be perfect!! I find any gardening I do, does pay off and it's fun and rewarding to cook and create meals from my yard. This year I'm going to plant an herb garden. I have shared a sad "before" image below and will post the hopefully beautiful "after" images! I was looking for some inspo last night and so I am sharing it all with you today!! I hope to layer the taller plants in the back and the smaller in the front. I am also going to mix in some pretty pots on the sides. I am not working with a lot of depth. If I'm feeling really motivated, I am also going to plant some flowers in a window box, read on below to see my "before" image. 

Darby Stanchfield's garden combines planted and potted herbs. 

My daughter would be thrilled to help me paint a few rocks!
I'm going to purchase these simple herb markers here. 

I'd like to mix in a few pots too!

I love this one!

Here is the sad area that I hope to transform, it is in front of my shed!
A can for easy watering 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Shelter Loves

A happy Fri-yay it is indeed. Summer has arrived here in Boston, most likely only for a few days but either way, the weather has been amazing and actually hot (97)! I won't complain, I will however spend this weekend changing over my wardrobe (since it was 50 degrees out last week and could return to that temp next week). Here is what's on my mind and radar! Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!!

1. THIS, THIS THIS! I am very guilty of going over things in my head a million times. I try to solve problems and worry about things that are truly out of my control. I will always worry and be genuinely concerned about people's well being. I know there will always be stress in daily life. I recently read if you move with the stream instead of trying to work against the current, life will be easier. Think about it? It's a simple analogy but makes so much sense. I have learned, especially over the past five years that a lot (NOT all) of our mindset begins with us and how we view the world and respond (or not) to others. We only have control over our own thoughts (they are powerful) and have to work at not taking the set backs and let downs too personally. I have been truly trying to focus on the good and let "love over fear" be my guide - I am applying this mantra to every aspect of my life. (wow that was a ramble).

2. I drink green tea every morning. I may switch to drinking matcha from time to time. It's full of good "stuff". I just need to find a caffeine-free version. If you know of one please do share.

3. A great pair of earrings can change my mood in an instant. I pair statement ones with very simple tops!! These look really fun on. 

4. Emily Henderson transformed her patio. It looks amazing!! I need a patio desperately. I love the idea of a cement tile. 

5. Summer dresses are a staple of mine. This one looks flattering and I can actually wear a bra with it.

6. My kids are always on the hunt for sea glass. I find it in little piles around the house and I don't like too much clutter but I did start to gather them up and put them in a glass bowl. I think they'll enjoy seeing the fruits of their labor, so to speak and when grouped together it really does look pretty and not too "thematic". I like the way Elizabeth displayed hers.

7. Ever since I had kids my hips get sore after I sit for a long period of time, yoga helps, especially yin. Here are some poses to help lift and strengthen your booty

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Love the look - graduation party attire

With any creative venture I take on, I usually have a starting point and overall vision. I've been doing this for as long as I remember. Today, I was inspired by the images above, the color, textures and overall feel. I love that this look can be dressed up or down depending on the event or time of day. It is also soft and approachable so you won't be overshadowing the guest of honor.

'Tis the season for graduations and parties! I happen to have one this weekend for my cousin - Congratulations Hayley!! I'm not sure what I'll be wearing yet, but you can bet it will be fashionable but comfortable, like the look I've created. I recommended gladiator flats (or wedges) because I'm sure you're not a fan of sinking into the grass either!!


I also loved this take on the hoop earring!! Purchase here

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Neutral living...

I'm a big fan of adding pops of color to my designs but I am also drawn to textural neutrals. I came across Brian's work via the wonderful world of Pinterest this morning. I'm loving the sophisticated, casual, mid-century vibe of this home. The pieces have a beautiful dialogue with one another. Design by Brian Paquette.

Monday, May 15, 2017


There is no doubt I have a thing for stripes. I often prefer the subtler versions but if you take a peek in my closet there is no shortage of striped tops! I am glad to know that this trend is sticking around. My clients tend to love stripes (and blue) too!! So it all works out very well.. Happy Monday loves! xoxo 
** See my striped picks below!!

My favorite stripe picks!!


Friday, May 12, 2017

Shelter Loves...

What's up birdies! Holy sh*t, this day could not get here fast enough. I know I usually try to spread positive mojo around on Shelter but I can't sugar coat this week! It blew. (I know there are far greater issues in the world than my own but stress is stress) I am so happy to see Friday and am pretty psyched about all the gorgeous visual things going on in the world.  Here are my top picks to end this week on a GOOD note!!!

1. I have a thing for most animal prints. This shirt is ON SALE. Grab yours before I do!!!  It's so versatile - with jeans, over a dress, with shorts, mixed with hot pink. I could go on.
2. I may be dating myself but remember when hoops were all the rage? They are back! These are super fun and summery feeling
3. I would love an open floor plan similar to this!! I did flip my entire living room around this week. I'm liking it!!
4. YES!! Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers, grandmothers and people who take on the great responsibility of mother hood. You are amazing, don't ever forget that!!!! It is the HARDEST job ever but I am grateful for the blessing every day. And if you are working on becoming a mother, I pray your dreams come true! I know all about the waiting game and how painful it can be. xoxo
5. I'm loving this pretty rug! Rugs beautifully transform spaces.
6. I wish my home were larger, I would most likely entertain more often. Be sure to check Moda Operani and Cabana's collaboration and tips on summer party planning.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Love the look

Although, I still need my down comforter and my heat keeps kicking on, I am VERY ready for the ease of Spring and Summer dressing! There is something freeing and comforting about throwing on a pretty dress in the morning. I was inspired by the simplicity of the two dresses in the images above.  This look can take you from day to evening and I've shared a couple versions. One, a bit more playful than the other! Cheers to it being Thursday!! It's been a LONG week around here, last night was so hectic and I was so famished after my son's lax game, I broke down and inhaled a Wendy's cheese burger with him! (not exactly beach body food I know) Thanks as usual for stopping in. xoxoxo 


* - Beautycounter is having a great special. When you spend $150 or more you'll receive a lip gloss in the color of your choice. I wear peony!! This is one of BEST I have ever used - trust me.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Curb appeal - front door and porch updates!

When the weather finally turns we begin to focus on our homes both indoors and out. I am planning an early summer refresh of my own home. Today, I'm sharing four ways to create more curb appeal to your home and I have also included a few front door paint color recommendations. I love fabulous front doors and enjoy helping client's choose colors for their home! I may go with a pink front door this summer but if not I'll go with deep blue. Stay tuned!!

Three ways to beautify your entry:

1. Repaint the door. I don't know the exact color of these doors but have recommended a close match. 
2. Add a new light fixture. Lighting can instantly change the feel of your entry.
3. Add some planters and flowers.
4. Numbers and a new knocker is a great way to add a personal touch. 


Benjamin Moore: Blue Suede Shoes - 798
Benjamin Moore: Wythe blue - HC143
Farrow and Ball : Studio Green No. 93

Ben Moore: Palm Coast teal - 733

Benjamin Moore: Blushing Bride 2086-50

Benjamin Moore: Whale Grey 2134-40

Fine Paints of Europe: Black ( I love their Hollandlac Brilliant high gloss sheen)

Benjamin Moore: Scotch Plains Green - 587
Benjamin Moore: Dark Salmon 2009-30 or Farrow and Ball: Blazer


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