Thursday, January 9, 2020

The French Girl's Wardrobe - key pieces

As promised, today I've composed a post sharing French Women's wardrobe staples. They effortlessly mix classic, stylish pieces that never look dull or predictable. Any or all of the items above will surely add a bit of French charm to your closet. I often look to Jeanne Damas for style inspiration......

Another favorite fashion icon who lived in France for most of her life - Jane Birkin

1. The pendant necklace. Worn, under and over tops.
2. A structured, real leather bag. A Birkin inspired basket bag always looks beautiful during the warmer months. 
3. A tailored blazer
4. Breton striped shirt
5. Statement sunnies
6. Soft wool cardigan, tucked partially or completely in. 
7. Stylish mid heeled booties
8. A white cotton button down
9. Most French women don't use tap water to wash their face. Bioderma makeup remover works wonders and helps you maintain hydrated skin. 
10. Straight leg or demi-boot jeans. These look great on!
11. A comfy faux fur jacket
12. Interesting flats. French women don't typically wear very high heels. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The French Girl's Wardrobe

In the past I've posted about my love of French women's style. Polished, special, minimal and refined, French women don't tend to own stock piles of clothing, the pieces they choose are well considered and of good quality and clean lines. As I have done in the past, tomorrow I'll be sharing my favorite French staples that will refine your closet. I've been getting organized around my home and recycling or donating anything that I don't find beautiful, practical or special! It feels good to pare down and now I can actually assess what I own. Let's take a peek at some beautiful inspiration and the French woman's impeccable sense of style.  There isn't an item here that I would not wear....I hope 2020 is treating you well. xx

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year + Shelter Loves - a decade in review

WOW, what a year!! I had a wonderful year professionally. I completed a number of beautiful projects and I look forward to sharing them with you in 2020! Personally, this was a doozy for me. I made some very difficult but necessary decisions over the course of year. 2019 was full of uncomfortable moments, loads of self reflection, gratitude, travel, growth and finally, peace...

I typically share what I've learned over the past year but I'm going to keep it sweet and simple this year. I will leave you with this thought and quote by Yung Pueblo - "True power is living the realization that you are your own healer, hero and leader".

Thank you so much for reading my blog and for all of your support over the years, I truly appreciate it and all of you.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite things from this incredible decade. Here they are. From the top, left to right.

I have a really good feeling about 2020. Wishing you all much love, peace, health, prosperity and joy! I plan to read more books, continue to exercise/run and experience new adventures, travels & experiences this year!  xx


1. Favorite Show: MADMEN!! I miss this show and all the amazing characters.
2. Interiors Trend: Sustainable design, unique lighting and interiors that are inspired by nature with hand crafted furniture.
3. Fashion: The "Athleisure" movement!! I still enjoy dressing up but the array of leggings, COOL SNEAKERS, jackets and sweatshirts available over the past ten years has been fabulous. They are flattering, comfortable and multifunctional.
4. Cultural Movement: Women and diversity were celebrated. Hooray! I was lucky enough to participate in a Women's march.
5. Royal inspiration: Kate and Meghan are both bright, sophisticated, inspiring women that are doing wonderful charity work. I looked up to Princess Diana as a little girl and as a grown woman, I am equally inspired by these two. Their classic style is also always a treat to see.
6. Podcasts: The Daily, is very well done.
7. Social Media: From a business and organizational standpoint, Pinterest has been a game changer. I love it!!
8. Bottled juices and juice shops. I eat very healthy during the week and drink fresh juice all the time. I almost always have one in the car on hectic work days.
9. A favorite album: I'll start by saying, I'm a HUGE music fan and I listen to an array of genres on a daily basis, so this was not an easy choice. Lemonade - it's varied, emotional and original.
Whether you're a fan of Beyonce or not, she is wildly talented and proves it with this album.
10. A favorite Musical Artist this decade - Adele. Her voice soars.
11. Instagram - It's positive and connects me with so many talented designers and creative types.
12. Sparkling Water - It really took off, need I say more? Polar is my "go to" in a can.
13. Fashion trend 2 - Faux fur. It's cozy and fun.
14 - Book: I enjoy reading but I had two very young children over the past ten years so I did not read a book a week, like in the past. I could not choose one favorite book that I loved. I do plan to read more this year and have a list of books to dig into!
15. Movie - I also love movies but enjoyed too many to select one! I created a "must watch list" for 2020.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Gift Guide - for the chef

Today, I am sharing one of my favorite guides. I'm not sure if I like to cook or having beautiful kitchen gadgets more, in any case, a nicely equipped kitchen is not only a treat but very functional! Here are my picks for the chef, baker or entertainer. I use some of these items in my kitchen daily. There are still a number of fabulous sales and enough time left before Christmas to sneak in your orders. xx


Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Gift Guide - health and fitness

Today I'm sharing gift ideas for the health and fitness lovers in your life. I've been doing barre class twice a week and I love it! I know most of my friends would appreciate a new pair of work out pants. I especially like the ones with a pocket. 


Monday, December 9, 2019

Gift Guide - My wish list

It goes without saying that my wishes are for a happy and healthy holiday for all... but it is kind of fun to round up a "wish list" (even though some are just a dream or a goal to purchase for myself), a few are items I actually need, like the ski mittens, I managed to lose one last year in Stowe.. Hope you're getting into the holiday spirit and enjoying time with friends and family! xx

1//2//3//4//5//6//7//8 bttms-top//9//10//11/12 - this is on super sale today//13

Friday, December 6, 2019

Gift Guide - For the hostess

I always tell my children, never go to anyone's home for a party empty handed. I love picking up a thoughtful gift for the host or hostess of a holiday gathering. Here are some ideas that won't disappoint. 


Deck the halls

I plan to decorate my house for Christmas this weekend.. I am partial to natural greens and have, in the past used - fruit, white lights, candles and pine cones to finish off the decorating. I also have a mix of animals, porcelain homes, candles and bottle brush trees. Here's some beautiful inspiration, I tried to include looks for everyone! Merry Weekend! xx

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Gift Guide - Tween Girl

Time for another gift guide! I got a request for gift ideas for "Tween" girls. This one got my nine year olds' stamp of approval! Most girls don't love receiving clothing unless they deem it fun or "cool". Cozy items are a big hit with most. Good luck and once again, happy shopping! I have a blast shopping for my daughter. 


Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Giving Tuesday

The holiday season is truly about giving. We all know how good it feels to give to others in need or to support a cause near and dear to you. Today is the international day of giving. I have made an effort to donate to a few favorites myself. Many business are also matching donations or donating a portion of your purchases to their selected cause. 
I will also bring my children to the local community Christmas to drop a toy, hat and mittens. 

There are so many wonderful charities and causes. Here are a few that are doing amazing things:

1. Doctor's Without Borders
2. Books for Kids
3. Dana-Farber - Is doubling today's donations 
4. American Humane  


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