Monday, August 31, 2015

Cottage Love #28

In this McMansion world I am always happy to come across a cottage style home. This adorable house is located in CT and is featured in Lonny Magazine. Designer Melissa Lindsay's goal was to balance cottage charm with modern features......let's take a look.

I had a client's kitchen floor painted similar to this last Fall

Friday, August 28, 2015

Shelter Loves....

Happy Friday! Hope you have fun plans for the weekend! Here are the deets on what I am adoring this week! xx

1. The town I live in hosts a good size fair every year. We took the kids last night..They had a blast. (as did I). I love ferris wheels. I think this print in a large format would look so cute in a little girls room. Artwork.
2. I LOVE this bracelet from David Yurman. It is on my wish list!!
3. I ordered these!! Adorable! also avail here
4. I am taking advantage of the all white look for the next few weeks. 
5. So true!!
5. I am loving this subtle neutral palette.
6. I often pin retail shops and restaurants for inspiration! Here's a cutie. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I am trying to catch my breath as the summer winds down. I realized it is time for another peek at my life through the camera lens.... Jetting off to Boston to check out a job..Happy hump day y'all. ;)

From the top:

1. Installing this Roman Shade into a mudroom bath next week. I am loving this Robert Allen print.
2. I am taking my little one shopping for a few new outfits for "back to school". I realized while tucking her in the other night that she doesn't wear 50% of her clothes! She is my strong willed girl. I wish I owned this many colorful prints...:))
3. My friend and I went for a run in the lovely town of Duxbury the other day. Every house we pass is as gorgeous as the next.
4. Vermont is one of my happy places. It's free therapy for the soul.
5. A shot of my kids in my Dad's old school jeep. We were leaving the lake in Barnard VT.
(the sun was in their eyes but I had to get a shot of them)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Love the look

I have plans to bring my daughter back to school shopping this week! She is off to kindergarten this Fall. (sniff sniff). I spent some time taking an inventory of her things! She could use a few new goodies along with new sneakers and wellie boots. Here is my round up for "her".

1. Leggings. Emmi refuses to wear jeans. She is a shorts, leggings, dress, skirt kind of girl. She lives in leggings during the colder months.  J. Crew always has a cute selection. I purchase most solid colors at Target but head to J. Crew for prints. legging #1 and #2
2. Back to school sneakers are a must. My kids are hard on their shoes! These are adorable.
3. Mini Boden has great socks and they hold up well!
4. I think I will get her a new back pack. They get trashed so I am going with a darker color. I also love to have them monogrammed. 
5. How cute is this rain coat. 
6. I would love an area to organize her crafts and school work. She is begging me for this art station!!
7. and 8. The school supply list includes note pads and pencils
9. I love any excuse for cute purses and pencil cases. I like these homemade ones from Etsy.
10. Rain boots are an essential in Massachusetts! I purchase her a new pair every fall. (My son won't wear them) but she still will!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cottage Love #27

Thirsty Thursday is upon us! I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to a cold drink in about four hours! (wink, wink)

I have been collaborating on a project today with one of my fabulous clients (who has amazing taste, by the way). It is for the job titled "Pickwick"... Stayed tuned for a sneak peek because they are aiming to move in this Fall. 

I'm beyond excited about the ideas that are coming together. It has an East coast meets West coast kind of vibe and is located right outside of Boston. On that note, I'm currently into blending casual interiors, beautiful colors and gorgeous textures along with a hint of luxury. This home does just that. It also is a bit unpredictable....(which I love)

The designer Nikki Rosenthal of Bespoke Interiors completed the project. Images via Lonny. Photos by: Patrick Cline.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Shelter Loves...

Good Day! My mini-vaca was relaxing but playing catch up at work, is not! No complaints here, I have been catching up on my projects and scheduling meetings for new ventures. This is an exciting time of year...Summer is winding down and there is so much to look forward to during the Fall. Including lots of birthdays! This is also the time of year when I begin to brainstorm for upcoming projects. I loved this summer but I am looking forward to my kids being back to their regular schedule! Here's what I am thinking about today!!

1. I've been drawn to cleaner interiors. I have even been adjusting some aspects of my own home. Moving art, rugs and switching lighting out can instantly give a room a fresh look! Try it, sometimes less is more. I like to give my brain (eyes) a place to rest before moving onto the next beautiful moment in a room. This design is by Amber Interiors (gf is on fire lately)
2. I'm liking the layered, charm necklaces for Fall. Here's a new favorite by Wouters and Hendrix.
3. Yup! Working on this! We all can....
4. My son turned 8 on 8/6, this got me thinking about cake design. Ruffle cakes are a current favorite of mine.
5. One of the things I appreciate most about Vermont is the open land. You can literally see across the beautiful farms for miles. This puts me at ease. The landscape design in this image is stunning. I love how the planner created a perspective view by allowing you to see only a portion of what stretches out beyond the hedge.
6. Sculptural, well made furniture is definitely on my radar. Bar Stool source
7. I'm excited to see this stunning couple's wedding photos and her dress!!

P.S. I am also loving this comfy look for FALL. My PS layout was out of room but I wanted to share these too!!! This clog would pair beautifully with flare pants and a comfy fitted chunky knit sweater.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Love the look

Hello Wednesday! I'm heading to Vermont for a few days with my daughter. (My son is already there) It's another much needed mini-vaca before the craziness of September starts. (Did I just say that word??) I plan to read, run, visit the lake, drink my Mom's famous martinis, play with the kids, shop the farmer's market but mostly just chill! Here's a peek of what is waiting to be packed up in my LL Bean tote. I won't glamorize, I keep it super casual in Vermont. You can purchase most of these items in my links below!! xx

Clockwise from top right
1. Distressed Rag and Bone jeans.
2. Cut off denim shorts - these are on sale and I don't wear my rolled...
3. Pearly white Birkenstocks.
4. My new Camp Brand Goods t - this is super comfy and cute.
5. Watch - similar one
6. Paradise T - similar sleeveless t shirts here
7. Striped navy sweater - similar to Petite Bateau

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In the kitch...

I've been immersed in a kitchen design this morning! I've been wrapping up the final details and emailing with the client and contractor. I've mentioned in the past that one of my favorite parts of being a designer is transforming something dated and non-functional into something efficient and gorgeous! Here's a peek at two kitchens I'm loving! Clean, bright and airy spaces with unique details are on my radar. 


The stove, graphic floor tiles (I have a client using these on a project), built in cabinetry and clean white walls are what I'm drawn to in this space.
The built in quality and unexpected mix of finishes make this kitchen inviting and unique. The design is by Jessica Helgerson.


Kitchen two is very California cool. I'm due for a trip out West. My personal and favorite style is one that mixes classic details (think elements of chippendale/chinoiserie + vintage + emerald velvet) with modern influences (think brass, clean lined furniture and white paint). It is sort of an East coast meets West coast approach.

 I am loving how fresh and bright this space looks. The bar stools, light fixture, marble counter tops and black steel windows are right up my alley...;) Images via My Domaine.

Be sure to hop over to Marcia Maizel-Clarke's jewerly site Dogeared. (I think I need one of these gold dipped necklaces) Marcia collaborated with her friend Maggie Pierson on this killer design.

Monday, August 10, 2015

small style

There is no question that smaller scale living and being mindful of our carbon footprint is something most of us are considering these days. I still don't know how a family of more than two live in a house smaller than 300 square feet (see HGTV's Little House Big Ideas Show) but to each his/her own! 

I dream about living in a house larger than 1500 sq. feet daily! Although, I am loving my heat bill in the winter and how cozy my new home feels. I do believe that small spaces can be functional and beautifully designed. Check out Chris Burch's business venture. He has left fashion behind (Tory seems to have that covered) and is now designing and selling small, beautifully designed pre-fab homes. True, most of these homes will likely end up as pool or guest abodes in The Hamptons but I am loving the concept.
The company is called Cocoon9. The lofts and cabins begin at around 160 sq feet and are sustainably built. Read more about his venture here. There is no doubt small can still be chic!!

Chris recently held a party in one of these tiny beauties. Here's a peek at tiny but luxurious living. I'd love to plop a Cocoon down in Nantucket or maybe Vermont! All images via

Friday, August 7, 2015

Happenings at Shelter

 Happy Friday! 
I've been working on client projects this am but I wanted to squeeze in a blog post before my day is over! I feel very lucky to be working with a number of fabulous clients on an array of projects. Stylistically I am LOVING every one. (which isn't always the case with design :P). It just happens that a number of my clients and I are on the same page stylistically right now!!  The design process for me is a collaboration with my clients...who then often become friends! Here is a peek at a job. (West Newton Project). It is in a 
Brownstone in Boston and we are gutting the kitchen and bathroom. I stopped by yesterday for a site visit! Here's the skinny......
My contractor has gutted the space and everything is on order. With kitchens and bathrooms their is often a sense of urgency to finish up. It seems clients are either waiting to move in or are temporarily displaced! The client and I both agreed to open up the space. Below are my design inspiration photos! The bathroom is much smaller than this but we will be including brass, beautiful tiles and a refined but casual approach. 

The kitchen layout will be pretty much identical to this. I went with open shelving on either side of a beautiful hood!

Have a great weekend!! I'm off to see Zac Brown tonight at Fenway..Woot woot.
Leaving you with this! One of my favorite songs ever..


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