Thursday, September 16, 2021

Nate and Jeremiah at home

 I mean who doesn't love this dynamic duo, they have wonderful style are fun to watch and their design sense is perfection. They have sold their home in L.A. and have relocated back to N.Y. Here's a peek at their newly renovated home in Montauk. Images via: Elle Decor. Photos: Richard Foulser

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Shelter Loves...

I'm REALLY trying to carve out time to blog more often. I'm actually going to have the entire page revamped and that will entail moving the site, so stay tuned for more information on that development. I typically share what's creatively on my mind closer to the end of the week but it's coming to you today (because I had time). Hope you're enjoying this lovely September, it's so nice to see the award shows and Galas back in full swing. The Met Gala red carpet did not disappoint last night. Eek. 

1. There were a number of looks that I loved last night. I'm sharing my favorite. Kaia Gerber looked stunning and wore a classic ball gown, the best part? Her gown was a gorgeous reference to Bianca Jagger's Dior version, worn to the Met Gala in 1981. GAH. 

2.  Kitchens without walls of traditional cabinetry and upper cabinets. I also am loving square islands and am in the process of helping design an amazing kitchen. My wonderful client has style for days... 
3. Straw flowers. I picked a bunch over the weekend and they are making me very happy this week. 
4. Let go and enjoy the crazy journey. (I am working on this)
6. Plaster lighting, this is a Julie Neill creation
7. J. Crew  has a new head of women's design at the helm. Their site and pieces have been looking good lately. They also reworked their entire cashmere collection. It's lovely and so buttery soft. I picked up two new sweaters last week. I'll share them on Insta later today. This versatile zipper neck is next on my wish list. My goal is to make intentional purchases this Fall - less stuff but better quality. 
8. Mules! I rarely wear heels to project site meetings. I'm either removing my shoes on site or dodging electrical cords.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Style edit - Fall boots

I'm not quite ready for the summer weather to end but I do love an excuse to wear a pair of beautiful boots. I may even throw some on with shorts this upcoming weekend. September has been gorgeous so far! Today, I've rounded up some of my favorites for the the Fall season....xx 


Friday, August 20, 2021

Shelter Loves ......

Here you go, hotties. My faves at the moment. Sending healthy vibes and warm weekend wishes to you all. xx 

1. I saw Rufus du Sol by some miracle, in the fifth row, at Red Rocks last week. It was their kick off night for the tour!! We had an insanely good time. I love their latest release. 

2. Natural, unfussy hair. You will never see me with perfectly curled/sprayed hair, ever. 

3. Carolyn Murphy and cozy cashmere sweaters, preferably in white or black. Here's a good one

4. Agreed.

5. I have wanted to build a house for as long as I can remember. I am setting my sights on this goal. I want a clean, warm, inviting space with zero clutter. This bathroom fits the ideal.

6. I prefer warm weather to cold weather but I do love myself a good bootie. ;)

7. I'm finishing up a lounge room in my home and may pull the trigger on a vintage Richard Hersberger chair in a camel leather. 

8. Cutting gardens!

I've been wearing this flattering sweater a lot this summer. See photos on my Instagram account. 

Monday, August 2, 2021

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - picks

I share my Nordstrom sale picks every year, the sale is continuing through 8/8. I'm heading on a trip next week and made my choices with versatility and travel in you go!


Sunday, August 1, 2021

Shelter Loves

There is something very peaceful about Sunday mornings. I cherish the quiet time at home and usually listen to music, read, clean or cook a healthy breakfast. Today, I was able to spend a few minutes to reflect on the past week and what I've been eyeing or thinking of......xx

1. LSD's lovely Southhampton's home is the perfect blend of vintage and new...It's inviting and cozy. Image via: Vogue. I have an affinity for vintage artwork. 
2.  The Nordstrom Anni sale is going on. I'll pull together and share my picks tomorrow. These sunnies may end up in my card though. 
3. Sezane is exhibiting and selling some wonderful art,,,,I may need this print in my life. The frame was the perfect choice.
4. Travertine furniture. I'm making some change around here. My sofa is currently being recovered and I may need this table to join my living room mix.
5. My August spotify playlist. See below or follow me on Spotify. I share a new "mixed" tape monthly. I have about five concerts this month, I've selected songs from most of them. 
6. Pippa Holt kaftans support women, and an art form. See and read more about Pippa's mission here
7. Amen.
8. I'll be doing some traveling this month and would like to get a new suitcase. I've been eyeing this line, they are made from recycled plastic!

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Shelter loves...

1. Topiaries + terracota
2. I am a music junkie. I create random monthly playlists that are a collection of an array of songs and genres of music. 
3. Spa like bathrooms with showers walls created from slabs of marble. 
4. LOVE. This is Athena Calderone of Eye Swoon's gorgeous bathroom. (see additonal images below)
5. Mules are my go to work shoe. I am often sneaking my way past wires and tools on job sites, plus I am on my feet a lot. 
6. These are my "go to" denim cut offs. They are comfy and flattering on all body types. They are also not too short and run a bit large for that easy going summer look...
7. I love photography that captures beautiful architecture. Books are a constant source of inspiration and escapism for me. This image is by Reinhard Gorner. 
8. Green and more greens. I try to eat as clean as possible during the week but sometimes do not eat enough greens, these packets do the trick!
** These pants are another recent purchase...they are super flattering and fit like a glove....

July's Playlist......

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Style edit - favorite summer pieces....

Hola! I had a hectic but very productive three days in Houston...It was ridiculously hot, as you can imagine.

Summer is in full swing in Boston, too. Today, I'm sharing my favorite summer staples and hoping the flight attendant comes by again to refill my wine. I hope your week is going well. 

1/2- this has adorable gold buttons along the back - I own it. /3/4/5/6/7 striped shirt missing a # 

Monday, June 21, 2021

Shelter Loves....

Happy Monday. I'm kicking off the week with my current inspirations and finds.....I'm on a plane to Houston to design a wonderful project and am thankful for the time to catch up on my blogging...Enjoy this balmy summer weather!

1. Shell, stone and beaded necklaces mixed with gold chains. The beautiful texture and natural colors add dimension. This one is a beauty. 

2. Handmade, beautiful objects and hand made items sold at Provincial markets in the south of France. The photo depicted is from the St Remy market.  I'm looking forward to European travel again. 

3. Old, weathered brick used indoor on floors. It's especially gorgeous when paired with a more modern aesthetic. The contrast creates a beautiful tension. 

4. Gauzy, flowing dresses and blouses. I especially love silk. You'll find me outfitted in both, all season long. This top and everything at Warm NY is gorgeous. 

5. Photography of all kinds! I have my eye on this Kate Moss photo by Ellen von Unwerth, Paris. 1989. 

6. I love this idea.

7. Wall coverings that colorfully capture nature in beautiful, rich hues...FerricK Mason

Friday, May 21, 2021

Shelter Loves.....

Hello Friday, it's always so nice to see you. Here is what is inspiring me this week. I'm really loving the 70's vibe across the board....

1. Vintage Porsches. I'd go for dark green with a camel interior.
2. Yes, I am watching the Halston mini series but I have always adored his silk chiffon gowns from the early 70's. 
3. Lauren Santo Domingo's house and basically anything she touches. See the rest of this feature on Charish
4. The over-sized mixed media paintings by Eric Blum. This one is made up of ink, silk and beeswax. 
5. Sezane's pretty tops. I just purchased this blouse.  
6. YES!


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