Monday, September 26, 2016

Hello Fall.

And just like that, the air has turned, the nights are crisp and the days are growing shorter. I want to wear sweaters, (I have my eye on this one) tall boots and drink pumpkin beer with the cinnamon/sugared rim. (yes, I drink pumpkin beer with the cinnamon, sugar rim) I spent the weekend with my good friends north of Boston. There are some things I miss about living North of Boston, the pumpkin and apple farms included. After spending the day on a farm with my kiddos, I am ready to change my summer pots and decorate for Fall. This year I'm planning on mixing gourds, pumpkins, purple mums and kale. Here is some decorating inspo: I also shared a pretty front door on my insta account here!

If you are in the Halloween spirit, this would be fun to set up with kids. I am not a huge
Halloween person..Reason one: there is always a battle starting at breakfast time over the Hallo candy. Reason two: wrappers end up all over my house, even after I repeatedly say, throw away your wrappers..rant over. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Shelter Loves...

1. September has been warm, like really warm here in Boston! I'm sort of looking forward to the cooler weather due next week. I'll be breaking out my cozy sweaters and plaid shirts fo sho. I'm a big fan of layering check and plaid shirts into a high/low look. Purchase this stewart plaid at J. Crew. It WILL sell out!
2. The concept of, La Latina, is great.  Grace Ramirez brings us on a cooking exploration through South America. I love Latin food and may just need to purchase this hot book! Here is the guac recipe. (I'm addicted to avocados btw)
3. I don't always post food, but when I do, you'd better believe I'll be whipping it up soon! In fact, I'm going to make this yummy sammy for my breakfast in the am. I love a good poached egg....recipe via.
4. I admire everything about this photo. We need to focus on more joy in this world, the news is so depressing. My favorite genre of photography captures people and their emotions. I also appreciate a time when everyone took the time to dress beautifully.
5. AMEN.
6. I usually combine modern and classic elements in my interiors. A box pleat shade on the right lamp is a gorgeous design detail. 
7. These cuties may need to make there way to my closet. 
8. I've long loved french designer Serge Mouille's iconic "arm" lamps. They compliment both modern and transitional interiors. With his fame and the elegance of the design comes a hefty price tag. Here is an alternative if you can't shell out $2500-$6000 for an original. We purchased the knock off for a client project. Room image by: Mark D. Sikes


2 ripe avocados
½ red onion, peeled and diced (about ¼ cup)
1 jalapeƱo, serrano, or other chile, minced (optional)
2 tbsp finely chopped cilantro (coriander) leaves, plus extra leaves for garnish
1 tbsp fresh lime
coarse pink Himalayan salt (or flaky sea salt) to taste
freshly ground black pepper to taste
1 tsp black sesame or toasted sesame seeds to garnish
1 tbsp pomegranate seeds to garnish
Halve the avocados. Remove seed and scoop flesh out, putting it in a mixing bowl. Using a fork, mash the avocado, adding some lime juice to prevent oxidation. Add onion, chile, coriander and lime juice, and season to taste. Keep the pomegranate and toasted sesame seeds separate until ready to serve. Just before serving, finish by garnishing with pomegranate and sesame seeds, some extra coriander leaves and coarse or flaky salt.
To prevent oxidation (browning), put the avocado seed in the middle of the guacamole. Acid also prevents oxidation, so feel free to add a thin layer of lemon or lime juice on top, folding this through just before serving.
If you need to refrigerate your guac for hours (up to 2 days), put it in a bowl that has a tight-fitting lid. Pack the guacamole tightly in the bowl, pressing out any air bubbles. Dribble in some lukewarm water, making sure that the water covers the surface of the guacamole to about 1 cm deep. Put some plastic wrap directly over the guac, then put the lid on and refrigerate. When ready to eat, take the lid off and and gently pour out the water. Stir the guacamole to incorporate any extra moisture.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Crushing on..Dutch doors

When I was a child I always admired the "dutch door" entrance at my aunt and uncle's house. There was something so welcoming and comfortable about peeking in that top door. Here's a round up of some beauties!
I know, I know, they aren't overly practical here in New England with the bugs and long winters and all. We use storm doors around here but someday I'll have myself a dutch door!!
Ding, ding, ding! Winner, winner chicken dinner. I LOVE this one. I've started an "addition onto my ranchola inspo board and this dutch door made the cut! I image this as a back door off of a gorgeous mudroom/kitchen area. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Love the look - the ballet flat

I'm adoring this season's most feminine trend..the ballet flat. It's a chic alternative to heels. I'm 
especially eyeing all the lace up versions with the round toe. They couldn't keep this Miu Miu's edgy version in stock!!

Here's my round up, I've included splurges and steels. 

1. Steve Madden lace up
2. Aerin Lauder - these are perfection, but wait everything Aerin does is perfection!
3. Cole Haan from Lord and Taylor, they are having a fabulous shoe sale not to be missed: buy one pair save 20%, buy two pair save 25%, buy three pair save 30%!!!!
4. Sam Edelman - a staple shoe that comes in tons of colors. I am voting for camel today. (more on this shade
next week)
5. Valentino - Dreamy
6. Aquazzura - Last year's hot shoe re-vamped. 
7. Miu Miu - I still have a pair of Miu Miu boots from about ten years ago. They keep coming in 
and out of style and I keep wearing them! ;)
8. A classic

Finally, these from J.Crew have the look of a ballet flat with a heel...They are adorbs on and are selling out quickly!!!! They are also 25% off with code: best dressed.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My bathroom upgrade with OPI and Clark+Kensington

Hello, hello! I'm not a professional photographer and I of course will be having my home shot by one of my fabulous photographers soon but I was excited when asked to share my bathroom revamp on the OPI blog last Friday. As you can see my original bathroom was awash with harvest gold, the popular tile choice of many in the 1970s. It had not been updated by the previous owner in years. Ace Hardware's Clark+Kensington OPI palette is an amazing collaboration.  I can use my favorite OPI nail lacquer colors in my home. In the final phase of the update I had the room wallpapered and I painted an oversized maple mirror I had purchased from Crate and Barrel in the deep, rich OPI shade Black OnyxCheck out my design tips and see my guest post here. xx

BATHROOM BEFORE: (I can't even)

Monday, September 19, 2016

Cottage Love #41

I love two things about this post! First, "Cottage Love" is one of my favorite series to write and share on Shelter. I try to look for not only cottages but homes that have an intimate, beautifully decorated, attainable style.

Secondly, I love to see first hand how something as simple as a fresh paint color, a different furniture floor plan and a few updated accessories can completely transform a room and home. The southern raised interior designer and artist William McClure reminds me of traditional masters such as Billy Baldwin. His dynamic designs are filled with new and old pieces, found objects and a carefully honed modern and classic art collection. These elements all come together to create a unique, individual approach that feels as if it has evolved over time. Featured today is his home. Although, it is an apartment it feels as though it's a free standing house and absolutely has a cottage feel and flair. William is also an artist, you can see his work on his website. Be sure to take a peek at the same living room in a bold shade of red. It's amazing how the same room can look so different when you change the wall color.
His home is beautifully styled. I myself love to create vignettes within the rooms I design. William has done the same....

Friday, September 16, 2016

Shelter Loves...

I've been in a classically modern state of mind this week. Between working on client projects and brainstorming for my new website I keep going back to strong classic bones with a fresh modern approach. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Here is a peek at my recent pins...

1. Mark D. Sikes has released his first book titled "Beautiful". His timeless style and love of blue and white speak to me. Each room pictured is better than the next, his work is inspiring. 
2. I have always adored a nautical/military pant. All those gold buttons? Yes please. Purchase these here. I would own these for the rest of my life. 
3. I rarely leave home without studs on. In fact I think I need these in my life, they're so pretty. Available here
4. Oscar was a smart man.
5. I tore this Mark Sikes room out of HB last mouth! I adore the mix of color. I'm finishing up my daughter's room and am leaning towards using a headboard!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Love the look - New York Spring Fashion Week!

Don't you just love Thursdays? Me too. NYFW for Spring 2017 winds down today, and don't think I haven't had my eye on the shows, the spectators and the fun street style. There were some reoccurring themes across most of the design houses. They were nostalgia (especially inspiration taken from the 30's, 40's, 70's), COLOR: yellow, green, bright pink, nature (flowers and more flowers) and feminine details to name a few. Here's a sample of what I loved....

Tory Burch
the beautiful prints, feminine details and preppy moments caught this New England girl's eye. Plus I'm a sucker for parrot green, always have been. 

Rag and Bone: 
Structured jackets and British prep. This jacket is adorable and certainly makes sense for Springtime in Boston. 

Oscar de la Renta
I have long loved Oscar de la Renta's beautiful creations. Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia will be at the helm soon. The current studio design team did not disappoint with their lighthearted, happy frocks. 

I love classically modern looks like this one!

J. Crew is often my go to brand. As a designer I can dress creatively. My outfits are never too serious and are often layered, with a bit of prep and a little edge. The embellishments and color palette were phenom! I can't wait to get my hands on all of these pieces!! Note: ruffles are huge for spring!!

YES please to this entire outfit!

 Tommy Hilfiger - Ready-to-Wear
Lawd knows Tommy can perfect a fashion show but this one was off the charts; located on the South street seaport pier, with a cruise ship and all, each piece was available for purchase immediately. He's a master at creating a buzz and fusing pop culture + fashion. The nautical meets street wear was a favorite look and Gigi Hadid was (is) adorable. This collaboration is a win, win! Oh and btw everyone needs a pair of nautical pants and a leather jacket and the best parts?? We don't have to wait for them! Watch the entire show and purchase the items here!! 

Gigi will be sharing these looks via social media over the next six months..follow her here, Iol, if you already don't!!

I NEED this entire outfit. 
The sailor pant is very popular for Fall and Spring

Annnd the go to shoe for Spring?? You guessed it. The mule!

A peek at these beautiful ladies 


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