Sunday, July 12, 2020

Cottage Love #71

I spent a much needed day home gardening, cleaning and relaxing. I am also happy to have time to squeeze in a blog post on a Sunday. I came across this fabulous backyard before and after today and ended up linking to the entire home. It's adorable....

I'm in the midst of my own back yard renovation. I did not have a peaceful spot to relax or dine outdoors in my current home. I've added a new deck (thanks, Dad!) which I plan stain a driftwood color and am in the process of creating a seating area, garden, and potted floral/herb arrangements. I've also purchased outdoor furniture and am refinishing a set of vintage dining chairs I scored years ago on the side of the road. I'll be sharing some progress shots over the next month on Instagram, if you'd like to follow along. 

I truly believe that smaller homes can be just as beautiful and functional as larger homes. This was primarily the reason I began the "Cottage Love" series ten years ago. I'm thrilled to add designer, Rosa Beltran's bungalow to the collection. She beautifully mixes warm materials and finishes (like that amazing brick floor) with clean architectural lines and functional storage. See more, "before" photos in Better Homes and Gardens. Photos by: David Tsay

Monday, June 29, 2020

Love the look ....

As we head into one of my favorite weeks of the year, my goal is to enjoy some down time...This year obviously feels different but I'm hoping to relax outdoors and at the beach. I'm over the long, oversized "Little House on the Prairie" inspired dresses. Here is a round up of some pretty summer alternatives.I often belt the looser styles to add a bit more shape. 


Friday, June 19, 2020

Shelter Loves...

Happy Summer! Life has been a little overwhelming, sad and frustrating but we certainly cannot complain about the weather. I am keeping a positive mindset and feel some good will come out of all that is going on this year. Today, I'm focusing on the love in my life and summer vibes.

1. My Dad is building me a new deck! I am thrilled. Next summer, my goal is to put in an outdoor shower. I love the idea of an exposed brass or copper faucet and shower head. Find this one here.  
2. This.
3. I love the quality of Spanish made shoes. These studded cuties are on my "to purchase" list. I also love supporting companies with a positive mission and those that reinforce the importance of sustainability. 
4. Straw bags. I use them as carry alls all summer. 
5. Anne Evans Architecture. I often work on architectural details with my projects. I am inspired by Anne's beautiful renovations, her eye and historical design references. 
6. Swimming in pools and black bathing suits.(super flattering for everyone body type) Image via Goop. I could go for a dip right now!

Friday, June 12, 2020

Shelter Loves...

Wow, it's been an intense few weeks on a number of levels. I was not intentionally taking a break but there were moments that a blog post did not seem appropriate with all happening in our world. I have also hopped back into crazy work days along with hanging out with my children. Here is where my heart and head are.... xxx

1. Care-free, easy dresses. I often belt them for a more structured look for work.
2. Poached eggs. They are a go to for breakfast and dinner.. They're yummy tossed on any kind of roasted green veggie.
3. Raffia earrings. 
4. AMEN. I fully support the BLM movement and equality for all people. 
5. Scandinavian inspired spaces and natural wood. 
6. This lingerie dresser needs to find it's way into my home. See an image of the dresser below. It looks like she limed this and also removed the base.. I LOVE it. 

Monday, May 18, 2020

Revival Rugs!

I am typically focused on creating beautiful homes for my clients.
Lately, with all of this time sheltering in place, I have been re-shuffling my own home. One room that needed a bit of love was the living room. I aim to create timeless but fresh designs. I enjoy revamping my interiors every few years with simple updates. Purchasing a new carpet, replacing pillows, rehanging art and adding unique accessories are all wonderful ways to update your rooms. Design is an intuitive process for me but I always begin with a concept and inspiration. I live by the ocean and am drawn to the colors of nature but living sea-side also impacts our lifestyle. During the warmer months, life is fairly casual around here and involves lots of time outdoors, on the water and at the beach. My kids are young and I have a pet, nothing can feel or be too precious. Wet bathing suits and sandy feet often make their way indoors. I always mix new and vintage finds into my designs. I love handcrafted textiles and supporting small business. I was thrilled to discover the amazing online source, Revival Rugs. They have a very nice selection of handmade, natural fiber rugs in an array of styles.
I recently acquired and framed a gorgeous, oversized Gray Malin photograph. The mix of colors and textures in the photo was the starting point for my color palette. Next, I was on the hunt for a handmade, one of a kind, Turkish rug that had a soft, sophisticated feel but wasn't too fussy. I found the perfect rug at Revival Rugs! It arrived quickly, was well packaged and was a great price point. If you are in search of a new rug, be sure to check out Revival Rug's selection of lovely new and vintage rugs. I layered my vintage, Turkish rug over my existing natural fiber rug. The texture and colors beautifully ground the room and compliment the patterned French blue chairs. I am thrilled with my choice! Next up is hanging my off white linen drapes and having my sofa reupholstered.

I'll be using, Revival Rugs, again in the near future for my design projects and own home. Be sure to use the code: JULIERICHARD10, to receive 10% off of your order. Here is a peek at my living room and pretty rug. I'll will have my home professionally photographed when I can!
My Gray Malin's, La Fontelina Beach Club, photograph that inspired my color palette. Excuse the angle, I was trying to avoid window glare.  

Friday, May 15, 2020

Shelter Loves 5.15.20

I am trying my best not to grow frustrated and am holding out for a warm, sunny and fun summer. I am fortunate enough to be working on some lovely projects, they are a nice distraction! I'm looking forward to having a couple projects from 2019 photographed when this "crisis" is over and cannot wait to share some new work with you all. Today, I'm posting what I'm inspired by or have recently added to my wish list. Cheers to a weekend full of sun and good health. xx 

1. I adore white dresses with ruffles and feminine details. This one is pretty. Anthropologie and J.Crew are having dress sales this weekend. 
2. I've been making a lot of fresh salads full of fruits and veggies. I plan to plant my garden next week. Here is the recipe for the one pictured
3. I've been purging and making changes around my home. I have an urge to simplify and de-clutter more than ever! Do you? I tossed any scratched miss-matched glasses I had and am updating my glassware with a classic French bistro staple.. 
4. Very true. I am guilty of this at times. 
5. I love striped umbrellas and French blue! It's a go to color in my own home and mixes with both classic and modern furniture.
6. Woven pendants. Serena and Lily have a number of pretty ones
7. Sandal season is here! These are adorable and made in Spain. 

Friday, May 1, 2020

Love the look - White tops

HAPPY FRIDAY and the SUN is shining! I have an affinity for white tops during the warmer months. They look great on everyone and pair with virtually anything. Since cleaning out my closet and donating five large bags of clothing, I'm trying to be smart about my purchases. These tops can all be dressed up or down and are timeless, #5 is the perfect layering tank for under white tops. #2 - I am in love with just about everything from Ulla Johnson. I can justify a splurge here and there. I am all about "quality over quantity", these days.  Wishing you the best weekend possible. 

Friday, April 24, 2020

Love the look - today's reality

Hello Friday! (in case you have lost track) I'll be sharing this week's love list over the weekend. I had mentioned last week that I would share a round up of my favorite joggers. (you know, in case you are looking for a change from yoga pants). I had a follower request this post...So here it goes, a round up of the best joggers out there! These will all look cute with a little white tee and sneakers this summer. xx 


Monday, April 20, 2020

Cottage Love #71

I know most people appreciate a good before and after photoshoot. I'm working on a coastal home for a client and was inspired by these images. I am looking forward to sunnier, summer days! Take a peek at this beautiful seaside transformation in this month's: Southern Living. 

Friday, April 17, 2020

Shelter Loves....

I hope you're hanging in there. I've been going a little stir crazy this week but am always happy to see Friday roll around. Saturday + Sunday = no teacher duty while trying to juggle work. I also like to use my blog as an escape..It's always been a form of therapy for me. My fingers are crossed that the warm weather comes our way soon!! Wishing you a peaceful and healthy weekend. xx

1. What are you wearing post quarantine?? I'll be going for classic staples and am hopeful I can zip my jeans up. I'll take this top in both colors. I'm tiring of my yoga pants and may switch to joggers next week. Stay tuned for my favorite jogger round up!
2. Natural light indoors is much needed right now. This kitchen is a beauty with the oversized window, stove, plaster hood and mix of white counters and natural wood. 
3. I created a patio plan for a client this week. I looking forward to seeing her progress. I loved this mix of boxwoods against the black home.
4. + 5. Rattan and wicker. The ottoman is from the X Ariel Okin line for Society Social.  I'll take one ottoman and two chairs please!
6. I'm focusing on easy and fast recipes. These chicken tinga tacos are on next weeks' meal plan. 
7. It may be an uncomfortable adjustment but on the other side you'll realize letting go was the only solution. It is never selfish to focus on your well being...


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