Sunday, November 30, 2008


A beautiful pair featured in designer Chloe Warner's home
Image: Domino Mag.
I've always had an affinity for furry, four legged creatures. I don't own a farm, so I opt to decorate with my finds here and there, around my home.
Simply add some greens or berries to your year round or holiday collection for a festive flair!!

My find over the weekend {thank you Marshalls}

Carved deer, available through Botanik, 805-565-3831
Image: Domino Mag.
Basswood deer head, Roost. Similar version available here
Image: Domino Mag.

John Derian for Target, currently available online

This whimsical deer cutout adds a graphic punch to this space
Image + directions: Domino Mag.
Precious deer dish available at Venucci
Love this black rendition, it looks as if he's just strolled out of the woods and into this living room
Image: Domino Mag.

Print: Hadley Hutton, The Twilight available at Velocity Art and Design

Deer bottle stoppers, would add a fun touch to your bar, liquor bottles, available through Rose and Radish

An elegant porcelain pair - ZGallerie

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Wishing everyone a safe & relaxing holiday!
Image: Martha Stewart {of course}

No time like the present....

Wedding concept, lettering, color + style designed by Cheree

Do you have an upcoming wedding, shower, event or recent exciting announcement??? Then you need look no further. Cheree Berry, the incredible talent behind Cheree Berry Paper will work closely with you to devise a personalized design that reflects your individual style and taste. Previous to launching Cheree Berry Paper, Cheree worked as an associate art director for Kate Spade. Her beautifully layered designs speaks for themselves!!

Grab bag design
Wedding table design {How amazing is this?}

Below is a small sampling of Cheree's work. {Perfection}

My sweet friend Lauren introduced me to Cheree's work. Cheree is not only talented, but judging from our recent emails she is a pleasure!
photography: Susan Jackson

Monday, November 24, 2008


Antler light fixture {deer shed their horns naturally}
Painting & Photography: Glenn Suokko Gallery - 23 Elm Street - Woodstock

I had the pleasure of going to Vermont over the weekend, we stayed at my parent's cabin located fifteen minutes outside of Woodstock. Vermont is so beautiful, I can feel my stress level drop as soon as we cross the state line. If you ever have the opportunity to travel to this lush, green farm country, please do, you'll love it.

I love a great farmer's market, this is one of the best I've ever been to.. They have a wide selection of organic produce, specialty and homemade items.. Woodstock Farmer's market is now delivering baked goods, cheeses, gift boxes and local products around the country. For details click here.

A beautiful handmade wreath for sale, I may have to purchase one for my front door.

Wreath: On the Edge Farm

The historic village of Woodstock

The main steet is lined with an array of boutiques. It was too cold out to do much shopping.

I love the perfect proportions of historic architecture.

The Beautiful Woodstock Inn

The Inn has recently opened it's newly renovated dining room and bar. The firm responsible for the transformation was Asfour Guzy Architects, NYC.

I found the clean, warm design of the Red Rooster bar and restaurant to be quite welcoming. The new renovation is a refreshing contrast to the historical inn.

The use of limed oak, glass and a mix of modern light fixtures, creates an interesting dialogue with the honed marble bar top and antique furniture, situated along the wall. The dimly lit bar provides a wonderful transition space from the dark, cozy inn to the sun filled dining room. I didn't have the opportunity to try the food, but plan to on my next visit.

View from the inn's reception desk


Limed oak walls + honed marble bar

The restaurant is bright and airy, hence the dark photo. Centerally located is a calming, water feature.


Decorative Garden accessories {these would all work beatifully indoors}

I did make a point to pop into Wigren-Barlow Antiques; the owner was lovely. He and is wife travel the country seeking out antique and vintage decorative objects, which includes lighting, mirrors, furniture and garden accessories.

I love when found objects are converted into lamps, above, is a part of a vintage light fixture from the city of Detroit. Below, are a pair of lamps crafted from a barn - air vent. {I would switch the shades}

Friday, November 21, 2008


for the weekend!!Marilyn Monroe - March 1955
I intend to relax by a cozy fire.....It's been a crazy day, I apologize for the brief post!!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!
Image: Flickr

Thursday, November 20, 2008


FOR THE MUST CLICK , BLOG WATCH MENTION!! I AM VERY FLATTERED!!! Also, check out the other two blogs mentioned, they're great!! Architectdesign + Velvet&Linen

Image: The Bella Bella Co.

Very Sad - another magazine failure...

Cottage Living - is shutting down. December 2008 will be their last issue.....I'll miss this magazine dearly!!


My own, inexpensive storage solution.
Rack available here

When planning storage space in your kitchen, use every inch of the space, think vertically. Pots and pans take on a sculptural quality, when hung from a large rack.

Do you love to cook but are short on storage? Here are some great ideas to make the most of your space.
Utilize the space underneath an island
Open shelving, visually expands a room. These everyday dishes + glasses not only look beautiful, they are very accessible.
Image: Martha Stewart, Good Things For Organizing

I love bringing a free standing piece of furniture into the kitchen or dining area for storage
Image: Elle Decor, Photography: William Waldron
Quite contrary to an open shelf concept - Hide everything behind a sleek set of doors
This idea is very effective when used along an entire wall.

Again - the found piece
{knack studios}

Turn a utilitarian metal rack into open shelving
I purchased mine here

Images: Domino Mag.

Rolling Rack - Conran shop
Image: House and Garden

Open cabinetry provides easy access
Image: Kelly Wearstler

Turn an armoire into a one stop kitchen shop, tack notes and utensils on bulletin board (made of homasote and linen covered panels)

Image: Martha Stewart, Good Things For Organizing

Images: left, Domino Mag. right: Apartment Therapy

Consider the details, simple styling reads beautifully in a small space
Use, baskets, pottery, vases + unique objects to create vignettes
Images: Domino Mag.

Image: House Beautiful


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