Tuesday, July 31, 2012

channelling Jackie

In honor of the late Jackie O's birthday on July 28th, I thought I'd share a fashion post inspired by her timeless, colorful style.  Plus, I was overdue and had a request for a "fashion" post. Jackie, we'll always love your style. I can't lie, I'm inspired by this fashion icon when purchasing the classic pieces for my wardrobe! I'm also loving red and turquoise at the moment.
channelling Jackie

Jack Rogers flat heels

Hermès shopping tote bag

Givenchy earrings

Chanel chain jewelry
$1,250 - farfetch.com

$250 - farfetch.com

Estée Lauder lip makeup
$29 - debenhams.com

Chanel fragrance

$145 - harrods.com

Friday, July 27, 2012


Here's what I have my eye on this week....

1. The Hampton's Show House Nursery by designer House of Honey
2. These glamorous Emerald Earrings by Tory Burch
3. Someday I'll own a classic Cartier watch that can be passed down to my daughter and then to her daughter etc. etc.
4. Aside from honesty, the ability to laugh easily is a favorite trait in a person. On the dating front I  absolutely need this quality in a guy. ;)
5. I would love to add a Chippendale inspired stair rail to my new home!! (when I find it, that is)
6.  Ever since a fox family inhabited my urban backyard, I've got a penchant for foxes. I'm loving this door knocker from Ivy and Vine.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"White" again...

So I mentioned this week that my house hunt is officially "ON".  It's pretty exciting actually. I think change is a constant and that is a good thing! I'm not sure where I will land yet but I guess the fun part is that I'll need to get creative either way because I of course have a budget buying this place solo. I looked at one home last week, that is truly a cottage, and I don't mean that in a charming way at the moment. It has wood paneling on the interior, I would change some out but would also need to retain some of it. I think wood paneling looks clean painted a crisp, warm white shade. It may seem obvious, but it just works so well. I also love that you can mix virtually any color with it. I thought this beach home designed by Joel Snayd was sweet. Isn't it?
Okay, this is a great beach shower idea and I may just have to use it. I've always wanted an outdoor shower!

The open second floor concept is beautiful here as is this little bedroom below with the built in twin beds and shots of lemon yellow. I adore lemon yellow with white. The pictured bedroom images illustrate nicely how "big" always isn't better. These rooms are small but still look adorable! The only downside of a small house is that you need to get creative with your storage ideas, because let's face it we all have "stuff" that needs to be tucked away.

Designer: Joel Snayd, images via Houzz.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Baby you're a star!

As most of my readers know I've had a whirlwind of a couple of years..a cheating spouse, two kids under the age of four, a lengthy divorce, and many many crazy changes but I have to say as long as you and your family are healthy and you're not going to be forced out onto the streets, everything works out!! And mark my words, it's usually for the better!  I'm in a really good place right now on so many levels. (I've been to the beach more this summer then I've have in years - my personal escape).
I have a stressful couple of months ahead of me (so bear with me on the blog posts) but I'm staying positive that the direction I am heading is the right one for me and my children! I went house hunting on Friday. eeek. I really hope I can find something soon! I'm moving either way by mid-October so stayed tuned for the juicy and not so juicy details! (I came across this top image via Luella and June - it made my morning)

So If you are in a bad place or feeling not so great about yourself, please don't forget that you're a star and that everything is going to be alright!! You'll be stronger because of it, promise.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shelter Loves 7.19.12

Here's a round up of what I'm pinning this week!
1. Vintage Bridgette Bardot photos
2. Unique pulls: leather, Brass knot
6. This Nick Olsen bedroom via Veranda Mag.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I'm sure it's been ridiculously hot where you live so I won't talk about the weather. Although, I will mention the fact that most houses aren't air conditioned in Boston. Mine happens to be one of them. I do of course have a unit in my bedroom so my kids thought it would be a good idea to sleep with me. Sharing a bed with a squirmy 2 and 4 year old is far from restful.
I had a couple of rare minutes this am to scan pinterest. I love when I discover an image that I've never seen, like the one above. The over sized surfing photos make the space. This image got me thinking of my love in general of over -sized images depicting anything "ocean" related..surfing, the beach, the sea etc. etc.  I try to spend money wisely lately but I think money on travel and art is well spent. I have always wanted an over sized Massimo Vitali , but until then I may have to go with a "less" expensive option like the one I found on Etsy below! (bottom image is linked)
Lulu Power's (her place is so welcoming and layered) home via Lonny.

I love this Massimo Vitali print (and entire home for that matter)

Massimo Vitali

via Etsy

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I miss ACK !


The sheer beauty and history
All the vintage truck and cars

jeep top down freedom
The quaintness
The brick and cobblestones
The amazing interiors!!
The fashion and people (everyone is there to have a good time)
The architecture
The Beaches
The gardens
Oversand vehicle permits - perfection
A cottage like this would do me just fine!! I walked by this one all week.
The nightlife (yes, I still go to the box!)
The shopping
The celebrations
Nantucket is up there on my list of "favorite places" on earth. I try to visit as often as I can, which really isn't enough! I've only missed one summer visit over the past 20 years! I'm hoping to spend at least one month out of the summer there someday! A girl can dream right?? Always! Never stop dreaming!


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