Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Add some sparkle

Chandeliers and pendants are the perfect way to enhance a dining area.
I often tell clients that if they don't have the budget for a
dining room overhaul that a dramatic paint color on the walls and a
beautiful new light source on a dimmer switch will transform a lackluster room!!

The options are endless...Here are a few to gush over.

From top to bottom: Caboche by Foscarini, Troy Crystal from Zia Priven, BPL by Rotaliana, nickel pendant by Zia Priven, Dome by Ingo Maurer, Vintage Fixture-1st dibs, Bamboo from Pieces, Inc., Cage Light by Circa Lighting, Coral from Mecox Gardens


Barchbo said...

Gorgeous! FOund your blog via Elements of Style - one of my faves!

Posted this on Kirtsy!

SHELTER said...

Oh thank you, thank you. I am just entering the blogging world. I love design, so I couldn't resist sharing my finds and tips with everyone.


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