Friday, July 18, 2008

Let's go Shopping

The Perfect pieces for dining al fresco.... I know we've all seen the nautical theme but when given a modern twist I think it's still fresh!! A cold bottle of Fume Blanc, the catch of the day, plenty of tea lights,and some good company, are all you need to complete this evening!


I suggest using just a shot of orange, the linen napkin is plenty, both would be overkill!

David Hick fabric - would make a stunning table runner or cloth
(pattern: Kyoto)

Goblets: WSHome
Linen Napkin: Tag
David Hicks Fabric: Lee Jofa


mary said...

I LOVE these picks! That pitcher and anchor tray are fabulous. Would fit right in with my coastal home :)

Julie said...

I know, I may have to buy them myself.


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