Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Toned Down Bling

I know I usually discuss Interior Design on my blog, but I can't
help but mix in an occasional fashion post.
I am continually inspired by all types of design.
I've had this tear out for years. Liseanne Frank is the jeweler.
Her style is fresh + vintage. Again, the contrast
of new and old that I love....
Her warm, chunky, nature inspired pieces are perfect for the Fall.....
The individual photographs pictured are still available. - Her Venice, CA. store looks amazing!

Demi Moore is a fan,
L Frank's 2007 line
Source: InStyle Magazine

This ring is the perfect everyday piece.

How cool are these rings? I just need to start saving my pennies...

1 comment:

Danika Herrick said...

Those rings are to die for! Oh how I want.


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