Monday, October 27, 2008

Textile Designer - JOSEF FRANK

Italian Dinner
Want to add some life + color to your decor?? Simply add a dash or dose of Josef Frank fabric. Josef Frank was a Swedish designer, his career and work spanned over four decades and included furniture, lighting, architecture, glass + textile designs..
He produced over 200 textile patterns between 1909-1950. His fabric designs are so colorful, graphic + fun. Frank's designs were a warm contrast to the rigid lines of the Bauhaus movement. (1919-1933)
" The home does not have to be planned out in detail, just put together by pieces it's inhabitants love" - (Josef Frank) What a wonderful sentiment!
Patterns show available through Brunschwig + Fils, Just Scandinavian


Green Bird

La Plata
Vegetable Tree

Rox + Fix

Hawaii - Brown

Aristidia - Red


LindsB said...

I love all the bright colors, I think Vegetable Tree has to be my favorite

Anonymous said...

I love vegetable tree too.
I think, Brazil, Green Bird + La Plata are also great!! Italian dinner is just funny. You could base an entire color palette around one of these....


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