Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I felt I had to expand on yesterday's post regarding the fashion forward designs of Flavor Paper...

Sakura - cherry blossom

Here is a sampling of their line...These wallcoverings are fabulo....us!!!! enough said.

Party Girl - maquette

Monaco - gold {Smilovic paper}

Terminal - grasshopper

Amy Smilovic, the genius behind fashion house tibi has created three of my favorite papers.. {Valencia, Kashmiri, Monaco}
Amy's house - InStyle Magazine, Summer 2008
(couldn't make these larger, sorry)

Kashmiri - stone

Kashmiri - raven
Kashmiri - raspberry

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OMstorage said...

I really enjoy the unique wall paper design. It is very creative. I toured this home once and it really wasn't a big house, however, for some reason the set-up made it seem very spacious. I believe it might have been the wallpaper that gave the illusion..


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