Thursday, July 30, 2009


If you're searching for a relaxing seaside retreat or a personal wedding locale, then I've got the spot for you. I attended a beautiful, intimate wedding on the beach at Blue - the inn on the beach on Plum Island this past weekend. Plum Island is located off of Newburyport, Ma. {another fun destination if you're in need of a day trip}. All of the guests kicked off their shoes and walked through the sand to the ceremony site. It was wonderful!

The repeated color scheme used throughout the inn was pure white and royal blue. Very tranquil. They also have a number of quaint white beach cottages on the property. I'll be returning to rent one of those for an evening or two in the near future. Visit their website for more details!

Thousands of glass beads were used in lieu of crushed stone or shells for the walkways around the grounds. I thought this was clever idea.


Zuniga Interiors Design Studio said...

AHHHH is Right! So very relaxing post! Beautiful photos! wish I was there- need a long break!


pink-to-green said...

Beatiful! I can't resist anything blue and white and this retreat is no exception, what a lovely find. A wedding at the location would be incredible!

Shandell's said...

Plum Island is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I started my business in Newburyport, I visit it as often as I can.

Eclectic said...

Wow! I love the glass bead first glance I really thought it was water. Amazing!


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