Monday, August 24, 2009

Paired down Perse..

Every time I leave the sandy Island of Nantucket, I'm ready for a life change. I dream of a casual home, a laid-back lifestyle {think no traffic, no parking meters, no fast food} + and an easy-going but {of course} stylish wardrobe. James Perse's paired down style fits the bill nicely.

Talk to me when I return from N.Y.C. and I'll tell you another story, but for now, I'm content working in my flip-flops and cotton sundresses for the balance of the summer! Happy Monday!


erika @ urban grace said...

love these!!!

Ivy Lane said...

I don't think cozy when I see paired you?? I think down cushions, linen, cashmere throw for when the sun goes down after a day at the beach... I think cushy soft...billowy when I think cozy....

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

No, I guess I don't think of cozy. I was thinking more clean and easy on a summer summer night.
I want to cozy down with a knitted throw and fireplace in October.


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