Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i heart ticking stripes..




I just switched my two year old son to his "big boy bed", so now I'm searching for bedding. Maybe by the time I source the bedding, he'll actually stay in the bed! Would love to mix things up. I adore the chocolate and white ticking stripes on these personalized pillow cases. For more, visit White Twig on etsy.

find clutch here
Images: New York Times - House and Garden, Melanie Acevedo, noted with link.


Design Wanna-be said...

I love the pillows in chocolate brown! The bird graphic is so classy.

Azure Croatia said...

The "chocolate" is my favourite too. I lovely the stripes, clean and crisp

carlee said...

I love those pillows!

steelwindowxpert said...

Julie, I enjoyed your site. Wish you were a little closer because I could really use your help in interior design.
I noticed your interest in Steel Windows and doors. I've been in that industry for a number of years and it never ceases to amaze me. We work mainly with interior designers and architects across the country and New York and Boston tend to have some of the best around.

Stephanie said...

Any chance you have a source for that red ticking fabric on the bed skirt? Fingers crossed…


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