Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"What" I'd like to decorate..

A BUNGALOW - inside + out!
I've always loved the potential that bungalow style homes have!
Their exteriors and interiors clean up beautifully because of their charming proportions and interesting architectural details. I know someone in the process of purchasing a bungalow. If they approve, I'll post the "before" + "after" transformation.
In the meantime here's some info. on the bungalow (Craftsman) homes and a bit of exterior inspiration!
Most Bungalows found in the U.S. were built between 1905-1930
"Low-pitched gabled rood (sometimes hipped)"
"wide unenclosed eave overhangs"
"roof rafters often exposed"
"decorative false beams or braces under gables"
"porches - either full or partial-width, with roof supported by tapered square columns"
"columns or pedestals frequently extend to ground level {without a break at level of porch floor}"
{info. taken directly from A Field Guide to American Houses; Virginia + Lee McAlester}
Initially craftsman style homes were found in Southern California but they soon became a popular smaller style home across america. "Few were built after 1930."



I love the fence and carriage house details

Images: Country Living, Martha Stewart, Country Living (before and after images), Cottage Living, Old Houses.com, L.A. Times, Old Houses.com {bottom two}


mb said...

Oh, oh, I love bungalows. My very first house in suburban DC was a sweet bungalow... actually is was the "Sunlight" house from the Sears catalog. Can you believe it? Cottage Living used to feature my old neighborhood a lot because there were so many cottages. I cannot remember exactly the age of the house, around 1930ish.
I hope you get to decorate your own bungalow project, we all cannot wait to see it.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i think the bungalow style is so sweet...i'm much more about a charming small place!

Anonymous said...

I loved the house with the yellow door! that's something you don't see everyday & adds some personality to the house!

Daily Classic said...

How fun! I love the yellow door! it is amazing how a little fun color can make something pop and really catch your eye.

my favorite and my best said...


My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

I agree, the yellow doors are great.

MB - sounds beautiful. I still miss Cottage Living.

Erin Gates said...

You and me both sista! I am dying for one but there are so few in Boston!


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