Monday, October 5, 2009

Calling on all Green Thumbs - Reader Question

Okay, so I usually answer reader questions but today I am asking my reader's one. I've been working on a lovely family room for a client. We are almost finished and want to add a bit of green to one of the corners of the room. I like the plant pictured above but neither myself or my client know its proper name. {i hope this is a large enough shot}. It's not a rubber tree, so does anyone know what this plant/tree is called?? Thanks in advance for your help!!! { isn't this a beautiful room}

Image: Elle Decor


LindsB said...

That is a beautiful tree!

I've been looking for a tree like that, but it needs to live with hot and cold temps and very little light, I've come up empty handed so far and I have a feeling I will forever :)

I hope someone here knows what it is for you :)

mb said...

Such a lovely room, such a lovely plant.
I will ask my husband, Mr. Greenjeans. He might know. I will get back to you.

It does look like something sustainable in Dallas.
Marybeth Reid

mb said...

I didn't even ask my sweet hubby. I clicked the image larger and your plant looks like a dead ringer for the southern (waxy leaf) magnolia that we have in our front court yard.

Look it up. Look at the growth pattern at the end of the plant in your picture. Serious similarities.

Marybeth Reid

Pati said...

I think that could be a rubber tree..? they are popular house plants.
Other good choices though would be Ficus trees,(google "Ficus lyrata") coffee trees, or a nice citrus. I have a huge weeping ficus that is 8 feet tall and does awesome in the house.Hope that helps.

A Melbourne Girl said...

Looks like a ficus to me...a weeping fig is the common name. They are great indoors and equally good in a pot on a porch. They can be trimmed (pruned) if need be They are an evergreen, but will drop leaves if you don't water them enough.
I've had one indoors and on the deck for ages. They're a nice tree. Just be aware though, they can grow very large if you plant them in the garden....all of that information is relevant, if in fact the tree is a ficus.

Hope that's a help.


julie said...

It looks like it is an avocado tree to me

Erica said...

I'm not sure how you know it's not a rubber plant because it sure looks like this one:

It's formal name is Ficus Elastica. I hope that this helps!

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

Thank you so much for ALL your comments. I'm going to look up the names you mentioned. I am also going to have my client ask the greenhouse employees. Although, I think she may have. I don't think it's a regular ficus, the leaves are def. larger and stronger looking. Thanks again!

Erica said...

I have a second opinion now that I've done a little more research. I must admit that I want one of these plants as well, now that you've shown us all how lovely it can look in a room. It might be a Brugmansia (angel's trumpet) in its non-flowering state. Leaves look very similar to your photo. Bonus: these flowers smell fantastic!

See this pic:

Christina said...

Hi, I love your blog. Could it be an ornamental fig?
Best wishes from a decorator on the South Shore! - Christina

Jenna said...

I am not too sure what it could be? It does resemble the leaves of the avacado tree. I am growing one in my home now.

Daily Classic said...

I think it may be a Canela Tree. A house plant that can even be found at Lowes. It looks great in that lovely room!

Daily Classic said...

I think it may be a Canela Tree. A house plant that can even be found at Lowes. It looks great in that lovely room!

mb said...

I think Daily Classic is correct about identifying the tree as Canela.

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

I agree, I think it's a Canela {cinnamon} tree too. I am going to do a post with a photo of one and another tree that could work well too. Thanks for ALL of your feedback everyone!



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