Monday, November 16, 2009

Beautiful Blossoms

{I know the Emerson Made flowers have been circulating for a while, but these handmade buds are available through another designer: Chelle Paperie.
I'll save the festive post I'm planning for later this week. I've been pulling together my possible "girl" nursery ideas lately, so flowers have been on my mind. Here's a post on recent pretties I've found! Enjoy + Happy Monday!


I love these bold floral paintings by Alida Morgan.

Fashionable the nostalgic feel they bring to an outfit.
Image: last photo-TheBottom of the ironing basket


Rebecca June said...

Big blossoms have really been back since SJP wore them in Sex and the City. Another wonderful bi=product of that show!


Rebecca June

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

Yes, I would have to agree. Feminine details are really around now. I love them.

Pink Lemonade said...

Great post! Love it!!

The Cherry Blog said...

these images ecertainnly made my monday happy! x

Elecat said...

Love the flowers but REALLY love that chair and the wall colour. (we're building a house and we've kept it basic with white walls etc with the intention of decorating once we're in, so yes, I'm a little obsessed with wallpaper and wall colour right now..... lol)


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