Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where I'd like to...

Relax with a book and a "tall" cocktail!

My life has been a little {okay A LOT} hectic lately. What I wouldn't do for a good night sleep right about now..I'm not complaining, I'm over the moon about my new baby but a minute of down time would be wonderful! This room is so serene. I'm loving the limed floors {a refreshing trend} and the classically modern white architectural details of this room. It's clean, clutter less and peaceful!


Ivy Lane said... pretty! but .. I need a fireplace today!!

Kelly Green said...

Gorgeous - Looks so serene and quite. love the pop of pink too!

a fan of anything chocolate said...

Almost seaside-ish. Makes me think of the vineyard!

Jennifer, Inside Out Colour and Design said...

I love looking at images like these and putting my finger over the colourful cushions. Wouldn't it be a dull room then? It's such a peaceful space and looks very cool. I could go cool at the moment. We've had a very hot and humid week.
Enjoy your weekend.
Jennifer XX

Linda in AZ * said...

* I don't think I could EVER have a beautifully soft & comfy home like this~~~~~ WITHOUT a complete "house staff" (who worked at night, while I slept with the pea under the bed!_...

I'ts soooo soffffft & "pretty" that I'm afraid to add an exclamation point~ it might "break the mood"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

THANK YOU for "Dessert before dinner"!

Linda in AZ *

chair up said...

What a great mix that works so well.
Hoping you get a little more rest in the days ahead :o)

Julie said...

oh, I love this room - in all its upaded shabby chic glory!


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