Monday, August 30, 2010

On my radar..for the Fall..

For Fashion?

I love, love, love layering my outfits with blazers! I live in them most of the year. This knit blazer from Madewell would be an instant staple for me.

another staple? Sweedish Hasbeen boot

At Home.

warm neutrals, tufted velvet, leopard prints + mixing natural wood and paint!

image: Paul Costello

a mirror in the kitchen? would you do it? love the look but is it practical?

love this leather butterfly chair from Urban Outfitters

and the warm unexpected colors of these Ikat rugs! Available at ABC Carpet and Home
In the Kitchen

I tend to cook more in the Fall then summer. Onion soup is a no-fail classic! See recipe here.


Liz said...

I would do a mirror in any room! And this one in the kitchen looks particularly fabulous!

Kathysue said...

I love all you Fall inspiration. I like to cook hardier meals in the Fall also. Take a look at my post today, I think you might like it. Another way to add warm wood to your decor. I do have a mirror in the corner of my kitchen corner, you know the dead space that looks so dark in the corner I have a mirror on a stand and a little lamp for light, love it. Happy Monday,Kathysue

Simony said...

I really love Fall for its Earthy colors, plus the sensation of cool breeze and soft sweaters.
Love to spend more time in the kitchen as well. Happy Fall to you!

Kristen said...

Have to comment on the fashion - those boots are so cute! And yeah, totally digging on the blazers for this fall and winter! Just bought one at Banana Republic and cannot be more excited to wear it!!

Anonymous said...

Love all of it.... those Ikat rugs are fantastic! really makes a statement.


A Perfect Gray said...

fantastic post. so many things to love starting with those boots. that kitchen has everything to love as well: mirror, wood, marble and chandelier. YES to mirror in the kitchen - I've done a whole post on it. and those Ikats. divine. you hit it right on for me today with this post...

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

So glad you liked the post..I know I am loving that mirror in the kitchen..I guess I'd just keep it away from the stove!

Sarah Jane said...

LOVE that first interiors pic! and onion soup, yum, can't wait to try that recipe, looks pretty simple. so excited for fall;)xo

la la Lovely said...

Love it all.... I think a mirror would work if you don't have a lot of windows. Those boots are fab!
x Trina

The Wool Acorn said...

The mirror... has me thinking! It's just so unexpected which is what makes it great!

My acorns and Fall.... yeah. I'm all about it.

Daniella said...

Ohhh loving that Paul Costello image! Gorgeous for Fall!


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