Monday, August 23, 2010

What's in Store??

for Elle Decor, it's no surprise that Margaret Russell went out in case you've stepped away from design media this summer {Margaret is leaving Elle Decor} September was her last issue as Editor in Chief {she's moving on to Architectural Digest - let's hope she gives that magazine a much needed revamp}. Michael Boodro is set to takeover as Editor in Chief this Wednesday!

Okay, back to the goodies...the latest issue of Elle Decor is the thickest magazine I've received in a long time! It's filled with photo after photo of gorgeous, chic, modern + classic homes. There's really a taste of something for everyone.

now a peek inside

I love the interior of this modern, glass home by designer Jesse Carrier and architect Robert Dean. {original architect in the early 60's was James Evans}. It's such a stylish, but livable space for a young family...also loving the "trend" back to light, natural woods...mixed with lacquered pieces.

Photographer: William Waldron

and a classic mix by Todd and Amy Hases' Hampton's Summer home. {very Parisian right?}

{images deleted by author}

Chic in L.A. with Megan Mullally

Photographer: Miguel Flores-Vianna

Jeffrey Bilhuber + Sally Hershberger's home's were amazing as well...
Images: Elle Decor, Todd Hases's home scanned by Shelter


Karena said...

Julie this is so exciting and I cannot wait to see this issue. Thanks for sharing a peek!

Art by Karena

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I have to agree, Margaret went out with style as the Sept. issue was a real treat. Each & every home was a winner. I for one look forward to what she may just accomplish for Arch. Digest.

Great post Julie!

a Broad said...

Such wonderful photos !
That blue table ! That brown sofa with the photo of a white horse! the kitchens !
It all makes a person wish they had a few homes to furnish and decorate :)

European Chic said...

I love the red laquered bookshelf. Thanks for sharing. Greetings from Paris!

Empress of The Eye said...

Great issue indeed!

Loved seeing the BIG artwork and placing it
on the bookcases. Always a trick that I use
and it works every time.

Looking forward to the next AD. Like Christmas
with these new editors digging their heels in.

kelleyp said...

WHAT. i consider myself very well informed, due to the serious amount of time i read all these design blogs, and i never read anything about maragret russell leaving elle decor. She puts out one seriously amazing magazine. but really she will look like a rock star once she improves AD, which cannot be that hard to do. still not sure if i like the new house beautiful. wasn't loving the first issue the new guy put out. But on the other hand Veranda looks amazing. thank goodness someone new got their hands on that magazine!

Simony said...

Thanks for sharing the most beautiful interiors!

Tulip said...

Great collection of interiors. Thank you for posting this, as soon as the issue comes out where I live I will go out and buy it. I absolutely love your blog and it is one of my daily reads. Thanks again!


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