Tuesday, November 23, 2010

At the table

Often times you can create beautiful table settings by mixing what you already own! With a few simple additions like ribbons, gourds, pears, place cards, flowers, natural found objects your table will look smashing! Are you entertaining this year?? if so, good luck and happy cooking. 

xx, Julie

Image credits: board one: Eddie Ross blog - Country Living, Martha Stewart, Real Simple Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Eddie Ross via Lonny, board two: Country Living, Pink Wallpaper, Martha Stewart top row, Hostess blog, ?, Martha Stewart


samantha. said...

beautiful table-scapes :)i hope to someday have a thanksgiving feast at my place...maybe when i get a dining room!


Kelly Green said...

i love the brown setting and feathers - very different and wintery! KG

Mystica said...

Thank you for the pictures. I can drool can't I?

Alexandra Rae said...

Just Gorgeous, Julie. Thanks for compiling these beautiful images. I tweeted this and shared this on my facebook page(s). Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Kathysue said...

Julie I did just that this year, I used what I already had with addition of a new tablecloth. I went simple this year. I have my post up for wednesday!! Tomorrow is prep day for Tday meal, lots of chopping and dicing will be going on,Kathysue


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