Saturday, December 18, 2010


In a perfect world I would be sipping champagne at the holiday party I was supposed to attend tonight, instead I am home sick on antibiotics! Happy Holidays to you!! If you have a party tonight, Enjoy!

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Lindsay said...

You and me both! Here's to speedy recoveries for both of us! xo

jeanne said...

I understand , I was suppose to go to two parties last night. I spend the da finishing the tree and baking cookies and then at 430 PM the doctor called to tell me he was releasing my mom from the hospital in a hour . I had to go in the rain to pick her up . I was thrilled she was well but I couldnt leave her . She was too weak and soo...
Last year I was putting new carpet in the family room and dining room .( I wanted tile but could not find it to match existing tile) I was doing it in time to host a xmas party. They brought the wrong color . I lived with concrete floors until mid Jan. I was so depressed

Hello My Pretties said...

My work Christmas party was on friday night, but as I was feeling ill I stayed home too. Feel better :)

Dress My Shade said...

Hope you feel better Julie. I really enjoy reading your blog! Get better soon...take a couple of spoon organic honey & party next week.

a Broad said...

Oh you poor thing !
It never fails, getting sick around the holidays or just before you go on vacation.
I hope you feel better fast ... the antibiotics will work and you will be well soon.
Happy (Healthy!!) Holidays .. C

Karena said...

Julie feel better soon. We all do so so much during the holidays!

Joyeaux Noel!

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