Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Inspired! Five Days

a peek at the outfits 

I truly can't remember what I did without the internet and my computer. Don't get me wrong i'm inspired daily by the world around me and not just through media, but I love how the web transports me visually around the globe in an instant. I'm not going to lie pouring over the images and articles in magazines and blogs are my guilty pleasure. Sure, I should be picking up all the paper, boxes and toys scattered around my house right now while my daughter naps but instead I opted for a yummy hour of eye candy! These images from Vogue's Daily of senior accessories editor Filipa Fino last week, are truly inspiring. Her look is gorgeous, sophisticated, sexy, layered and timeless!

and the details

I'm crazy for red right now!! Is it the season?? not sure, but I love it!

 see more Images: Vogue


Kathysue said...

Julie I will take one of each please. and oh to look like that in my clothes. I think I need to be about 7inches taller!! Kathysue

a Broad said...

Love the orange bag , love the red, love love the white bag.. she looks lovely in them all.

Jane K. Schott said...

LOVE the alligator case for an iPad (?) and would kill for a gold link bracelet that large. Yummy!

JWK said...

Loved every single outfit!!


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