Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i love my job.

I was busy working away on a client presentation tonight when I came across this chair. I think I've seen these before, but I thought I would share them with all of you. I have a similar pair of chairs at my house but with a round back.  I am often asked by friends where I found them?? I purchased my chairs YEARS ago from the Martha Stewart Catalog {remember when she had a product catalog? like i said, years ago}. This timeless piece also comes in teal and white! Available through Wisteria.


Kelly Krugh said...

I have wanted this chair forEVER!!!!

Natasha said...

I know! What did happen to the cataloug? I purchased the mirror version; faux bamboo, black lacquer framed mirror! Still have it, still LOVE it!

Northern Light

Karen Fields said...

Love this chair!

kelleyp said...

just found this chair on their online site last night. too bad they don't show the other 2 color options. these maybe the two dining chairs for the ends of my dining table.


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