Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dream Home

Paloma posted my dream home today! See the description and more visuals on her  "Dream Home" series via her blog La Dolce Vita! Enjoy!
bottom image: pink wallpaper


designchic said...

So charming...going to check it out!

red ticking said...

it is lovely... and i love your blog updates... fantastic..xx

meenal @ maison marigold said...

saw your post over at Paloma's blog...just gorgeous...i absolutely loved the kitchen island..the master bedroom headboard( i have the same!)and so many other elements...indeed a dream house!! xx meenal

Jennifer Hand said...

I've got the same Cottage Living pic posted on my bulletin board.....Someday!

Great Post, really enjoyed it

Alicia said...

i love this picture! and the magazine? does anyone know what month and year this is? thank you! great blog ;)


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