Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Showers - Part Trois!

I promise it's going to stop raining soon, then you'll look much more like these pretties below.
Like one reader wrote, " I never look this chic in the rain", I'd have to agree. 
I'm usually running someplace with a big hood over my head!

How do you feel about all the white they're showing for the summer? I like it, but need to find the "perfect white jean". They aren't as forgiving as the dark skinnies. Maybe I'll go with white bell bottoms.
Good Night.
images: Patterson Maker


Sarah said...

It's nearly impossible to look good damp! I may have a crush on the puppy in the first photo too..

x Sarah

Karena said...

I like the all white when it includes lots of turquoise, coral, or layered jewelry!

Rainy & cool here as well!

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Art by Karena

Alexandra Rae said...

That's my rule: Dark skinnies, White pants must be long lean yet flowing pants with extremely flattering cuts and high heels. I'll wear cropped white jeans are for and svelte teens and old ladies.


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