Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Work Spaces + The Details

Design is really about the details, so I continually focus on them. I am always rotating objects in my home... a new accessory here, a freshly painted piece there.. Rearranging your home keeps things updated but also saves money. I have a photo shoot at my home this week and the photographer asked me if she could snap a few photos of my office!! I'll share my revamped inspiration board and any other "eye candy" when I receive the proofs.
images: House and Garden, ?, Lonny Mag, Pinterest, Lonny Mag, Rue Mag, Emily Henderson


Katie Rob said...

More great chairs! I love both the blue and yellow ones. I can't wait to see your revamped board, and I bet there's an amazing chair (or two?) in there somewhere :)

Meghan @ My Wishful Thinking said...

Looking forward to the photos from the shoot but in the meantime I will just sit and stare at that gorgeous blue tufted chair in the last picture!

travelkate said...

I am always drawn to well designed office spaces! These are beautiful examples of the details! Can't wait to see yours!

Sweetdeesignz.com said...

Very inspiring

- SweetDeesignz.com

doug @ tracery said...

What great images! The second image, which is uncredited, is from the February 2011 House Beautiful and is a room designed by Tracery Interiors. We're so glad to be included in this great line up!


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