Tuesday, July 26, 2011

House Hunter

As many of you know my plan is to move within the next 10 months {give or take a few}. I want to downsize, and buy a small home close to the ocean. {that is my dream anyway}. I figure what's life without dreams? I truly believe, with hard work and determination, dreams can come true! Sometimes the best way to discover homes for sale is on a Sunday drive. I did just that this past Sunday. I'm not sure where I'm going to live but my "wish list" currently includes three towns, two north of Boston and one on the South Shore. I came across this little gem.{ and later found it featured on HGTV. com } It's charming, clean and on a corner lot. What more could a designer ask for? I would layer, and add all sorts of amazing ideas to this interior. Oh, and thanks for all your well wishes for my three year old son. I hope he makes a speedy recovery. 

Images: William Raveis


kelleyp said...

hope your soon is on the mend!

Anonymous said...

We not only share a daughter's name, but apparently a love of the water and a wish to downsize to charm.

I LOVE this little beauty. 'Tis my dream to build the perfectly suited, precisely laid out oversized cape.

Some day! Here's to living your dream!

best - d.

post script: today's the day.

Karena said...

Very nice Julie! I adore a little cape cod like this and you can turn it into your own in no time at all!


Art by Karena

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mydeco said...

Calm and bright looking interiors, thanks for posting these pics!

Ashley said...

Wow, this is an adorable house. I hope things work out for you and that you stumble upon your dream home!

mb said...

You know, your dream is somewhat similar to mine. I would be willing to downsize in an effort to get a place near the beach. My hubby and I have lived mostly in Northeastern cities with reasonable access to great beach options. We are now in Dallas... beach access? Not so much. It is still feasible but more of a pain.

I say live your dream girl. Love the cottage you found on your weekend adventure. You could make it oh so much better.

mb from Dallas

KMS said...

Love this house! So dreamy.

annie said...

This house is adorable inside and out!

MissBliss said...

Charming! We love our little beach apartment in South Beach... so fun to walk to the water and have less upkeep... more time to enjoy the beach and our always interesting neighborhood!

Love your taste!

liza said...

The house is perfection...I hope you can get it!!!

liza said...

This house is perfection...I hope you get it!!!!


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