Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Color Story: Fuchsia

A little goes a long way. It's predicted as a hot color for the upcoming (fingers crossed, not too soon) cool weather. Mix it with yellow, camel, charcoal, cream, coral, or get the picture. Fuchsia works with an array of shades! 

 Images: Kate Spade, High Gloss magazine, Pinterest, Pinterest, Coastal Living, Design Darling


Brown Button Trading said...

love it all - 'fuchsia' is my favourite pink!

Karena said...

Julie one of my favorite colors!! I love to see fun pops of it in fashion and interior design!

Art by Karena

Catherine said...

Gorgeous post --I want everything in it! Thank you for sharing.

Ivy & Piper said...

oh the flats! Divine. And everything else is too. What kind of women would we be without fuchsia in our lives??!
E & M

Unknown said...

I love fuchsia, it's one of my favorites colours.


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