Monday, October 10, 2011

Dress + Boots

I was just reading at my adorable friend Erin's blog - Elements of Style. She chats all about her trip to London and shared this photo of a striped dress with boots. I saw almost the identical outfit and made note of it on Saturday night in Vermont!! I'm loving this look! The girl's boots were to the knee in Vermont but the color scheme was identical!! London ? Vermont? This look is definitely trending!


Germany Shelley said...

Cutest dress ever! Do we know what brand it is??

Laura said...

Do you know the original source of this photo? I love the boots would like to know who makes them.

With love... said...

I love her blog too!! Such great images.

Have a beautiful day.

Catarina Santi said...

so pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Love how you paired the stripes with the vest! The boots are great too ~jen

bedroom chandeliers said...

love green and camel, and now it's totally in. great news


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