Thursday, October 20, 2011

tis' the season

The chilly evenings have arrived in Boston. I'm heading up to Vermont for a much needed girl's weekend, we'll be lighting a fire or two for sure. It's much easier to grab dried wood indoors then to trudge outdoors in the cold and if you live in an urban environment you don't have much of a choice. Firewood is messy if not tucked away properly, messy. Here I've shared some inpsiring storage solutions.
These birch logs take on a sculputral quality in this large glass cylinder.
Image: Moth Design


mb said...

No messy in your photos. Great solutions to tanking up.
Enjoy your trip to Vermont. It was my go to before morning to Texas.

mb from big D.

sapalazola said...

Okay, on a similar note, do you have any suggestions for stylish storage for pellets for a pellet stove?? I need something pretty and functional to place adjacent to my pellet stove to hold about 100lbs of pellets at a time. It's tough!! I'm a little inspired by the glass cylinder....maybe two of them flanking the stove could work. For now, I have to stick to an antique trunk....


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