Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vreeland Chic

It's no surprise that Connor NY's newest stationery collection inspired by the fearless magazine fashion editor Diana Vreeland is fabulously chic, from the gold and ivory horn necklace, down to the red hot liner, it's perfection.
The Diana Vreeland book by Eleanor Dwight has definitely made my wish list. Diana's sense of style was elegant but edgy. She wasn't afraid to take risks and always pushed boundaries. Ideas we should all really live by! I'm still pretty fascinated with red right now. It's such a cheerful shade in small doses! Happy Holidays my friends......xx, Julie


Jenna at Homeslice said...

love that quote!

Samantha Chu Ramage. said...

love diane vreeland. i really don't know enough about the fabulous lady! need to read a biography stat!

happy holidays, julie!


With love... said...

Wonderful! Have a gorgeous holiday weekend.


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