Friday, January 6, 2012


How I'd love to add a bauble or two to my jewelry box from Lera Lee's gorgeous jewelry collection!  Lucky you if you're a girl without a budget! I absolutely have a jewelry budget and these pieces sadly are out of my range.

Custom solid gold Name Bracelet

I would layer this with other chains or simply wear it alone. Simple but beautiful!


Home Constructions said...

I love the gold Name Bracelet. I love it. I love it!

kalynor said...

Beautiful pieces! Love the bracelet..

regine said...

Omg so beautifulllll !!!
im dreaming already :D

Jill Danielle said...

Beautiful pieces. Love the last necklace!


kelleyp said...

why did you show me those earrings? totally lusting after.

Gemma Tubbrit said...

Adore the rings, however I am more in love with Lera Lees trilogy rings, have you seen them ? I usually go for diamond trilogy rings but these are a close second, she uses some great stones in the pieces.


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