Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My (what should be) simple resolutions and goals

   1. Try surfing (I've been saying this for years)
2. Run a 5K

3. Purchase a "fixer-upper" cottage

4. Watch at least three classic movies, read at least three classic novels - (I would ideally like to start a movie night with friends at least twice a year) ** click image for the top 100 "must watch movies"

5. Always Cherish the best and free moments in life (it's easy to lose your perspective when life is insanely busy)
6. Save, save, save

7. Travel when I can (it can be a very simple trip, but it's important to change your scenery)

8. Continue to discover and try out new cooking and baking recipes

9. Eat more fresh veggies


Hello Lover... said...

Love the list - I want to learn to surf so badly, unfortunately my closest large body of water is Lake Michigan, so that probably won't be in this years resolutions!

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Samantha Chu Ramage. said...

a very reasonable list! good luck, julie! i love bringing up baby. and any katharine hepburn movie for that matter.


Linsi said...

Love your idea of a bi-annual movie night! We used to do theme nights and marathons. The Harry Potter marathons were the best!

rikshaw design said...

i am doing a bunch of these too! best of luck!

i love changing your scenery..that is important!


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