Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oughton Limited

I adore this beautifully constructed line of equestrian inspired travel bags. Oughton Limited's ideas grew from a strong concept steeped in history and tradition. This clearly shows! The bags are carefully constructed of waxed canvas and brass halter squares. I love the idea of incorporating everyday materials in a brilliant and unique manner! The images above depict an Oughton Limited inspiration board. Below is a bit about the designer's concept:

The founder, Daphne Markcrow tells her story best:

"The first OUGHTON bag grew out of a specific need...  I was shipping horses from my farm to a nearby trainers… and wanted something to carry and keep organized everything I needed… my traditional show trunk was too unwieldy.  I was looking for something I could carry to the tack stall and ‘work out of’ once I got there.  Nothing really existed in the marketplace that would work.

So I had a bag made and loved it.  It worked exactly as planned, making my life so much easier.  I was able to stay so much more organized.  Finally there was a place for everything.  I believe ‘A GREAT TRIP BEGINS WITH THE RIGHT BAG’… that I can relax and have fun (or focus on the job at hand if needed) if I feel well prepared and have everything I need.  In the ring and outside of it, too.

My bespoke bag went to horse shows too, several people wanted one… and so it began…  with no idea how to get it affordably made,  I had several ‘sold’." ** copy from the Oughton website

I believe that good design is all about the details. The Oughton collection doesn't miss on the details. They're both classic and beautiful!

The following images are of the space above Daphne's barn in Vermont. Beautifully done Daphne.

Oughton's work studio is very "country chic"


Jenna at Homeslice said...

I love it! Great term- 'country chic' it is!

Al said...

I'll take one of each of these bags! They are so beautifully designed. Fantastic post. Happy New Year!

Natasha @ Northern Light Blog said...

Very chic indeed!!
Love top-stitching on pretty much anything... :)

Sarah said...

What gorgeous bags - I love them! ;-))

Voilà! said...

Whoa whoa whoa!! I need clear chairs like those to come live at my house! So gorgeous!


Kim Russell Photography said...

Beautiful! And Daphne is such a sweet person too.


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