Thursday, March 8, 2012


Not quite blue or green but a fabulous shade in between. Jade is my go-to color of the moment! (yes please on the ring and bag above!)

Kelly Wearstler


Jessica said...

Hi Julie -

This post is FABULOUS!!
I love those crystal lamps...are you able to share where you spotted those beauties?!

I just did a blog post about Malachite - it's such an amazing colour. You might enjoy it! Have a look if you have time:

Adore the main Vogue picture too.... straight into my inspiration file!

Been reading Shelter for quite some time (sorry it's taken so long to say hello). Great blog.


Meghan said...

I've been contemplating buying this dress for a while now:

And your post just sealed the deal! So pretty!

Tatiana Doria said...

I LOVE that color!!

Anonymous said...

I love jade too! Have you happened to see any pillows in the malachite pattern you have posted? My home NEEDS one!

Love your blog! I've been following for some time now. I just started my blog a couple of weeks ago and would love if you would take a peek and, if you like what you see, follow back.


ps I'm totally a trash picker too!


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