Friday, April 13, 2012

hello lover

I hope to add another post today but I can't promise you anything. Did I tell you I'm having a crazy week? ;)

This guy just arrived at my office. He (and his brother) are going to sit on the mantel at one of my client's homes. I know foo dogs are everywhere but I don't care, I still like them. The pair only cost $45 and they're from Home Decorators! I love a great deal, even when I'm purchasing for my wonderful clients! HAPPY WEEKEND!!


charmaine said...

Great deal! Do you mind sharing where you got the nanjing pillows from? Thanks! Charmaine

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

I actually used that fabric in a project too. It's by Schumacher. Here's the info.
I love all the color-ways.

Al said...

He, looks like a she, Foo dogs with mouths closed are female. I bet the "brother" has his mouth open. He is the real "male" in the house. These dogs never go out of style. Of course, I'm a lover of these cuties myself. Have a wonderful weekend. -Al


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