Thursday, April 19, 2012


I'm always inspired by the world around me. I'd have to say most of my inspiration lately is right at my finger tips. With the advent of Pinterest, numerous search engines and a zillion design blogs, I don't have to look far for inspiration. Of course getting in touch with nature and exploring + traveling are always a must too. I need to step out of my design world and away from the computer to recharge sometimes! This week I'm inspired by everything 60's and 70's glam. I'm loving the work of Italian socialite and artist, designer and business woman Gabriella Crespi lately. Her sculptural, designs are a marvel and are crafted out an array of materials such as metal, shells, wood, and bamboo. She drew inspiration from "the universe". Crespi is a very spiritual woman and was born in 1922.
Aerin Lauder's "z" desk is a Crespi design
Design by Jeffery Bilhuber, stools by Gabriella Crespi

Coffee table design by Gabriella Crespi
read more about Crespi here.


the designers muse said...

I love Gabriella Crespi's Z desk. It looks fantastic in all of the photos of Aerin Lauder's dressing room.

My Interior Life said...

It's so crazy, but I've had Crespi on my list of possible blog topics for some time. Extremely inspiring!

Murano Glass Collection said...

You have a very nice your elegant furniture. Perfect!


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