Thursday, May 17, 2012

pretty in pink

Light fixture available through Currey and Company

I've found that since I'm no longer married (or soon to be "not"married) that I'm more drawn to the color pink then ever before. Maybe it's that after living with a man for years, I can do whatever the hell I want around my house. ( I will say that my ex didn't care much what I did around here to be honest ). I'm not thinking of painting (when I move) my entire place pink or anything but pops of the color, especially subtle warm hints, will most likely make the cut!  I guess what I'm truly loving right now is the freedom to do what ever I want and to answer to nobody. I wouldn't want to live solo forever, but for now it's working out just fine! Here I've shared some of my favorite "current" pink moments! Enjoy.

Pale pink sofa and pillow a la Kelly Wearstler, plus that lamp is killer.

This pink rug from ABC home is divine!

I love the shades of pink in this artwork!! Amaze!

I love everything about this image!
Ombre wall in shades of pink!
How sassy would you feel in this jacket? I think, very!



Porchlight Interiors said...

That pink velvet sofa with cushion is ridiculously gorgeous! Certainly is a happy colour! Tracey xx

Anonymous said...

I also Love a touch of pink! I felt the same way when I divorced. It was great to feel free to decorate anyway I wanted too! Another coincidence is that my daughter is in the photo of the two models backstage at DKNY. she is the one without the hat and with a beautiful, big smile. Thanks for posting!

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

What a beautiful daughter you have!!! :)



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