Friday, August 17, 2012


I just returned from a whirlwind business trip to Chicago. (plus I have a bit of exciting news I'd like to share but more on that Monday) That's such a great city! It actually allowed me a couple of hours to actually sit and read a magazine! September's issue of House Beautiful looks great and so does this house by designer Ashley Whittaker. Her application of lattice on this sun porch is both creative and three dimensional. There's something welcoming, fresh and a bit old fashioned about this classic pattern.
And in it's obvious state: on outdoor porches
I love the application on cabinet or closet doors! This is more of a fret work design but you get the concept.
Or for less dimension try paint or wallpaper! Ever since seeing this shot in Lonny years ago, I've loved the idea of these oversized sconces in a bathroom.

I want to attempt to paint a lattice wall soon!


Lisa Mende Design said...

I do love lattice and you picked some great examples i think i need to pin some! Have a great weekend, can't wait to hear your announcement on Monday! I'm sure it will be exciting!!!

erica said...

love those pantry doors - and the lonny bathroom is a favorite

interior design miami said...

I just love lattice! The living room looks really great and elegant. The colors are also very light and beautiful. My personal favorites are the bathroom and the cabinets!! Thank you for posting it.

Lianna said...

Love all the lattice - especially the first room! So pretty!


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