Monday, December 10, 2012

Gift Guide: My Wish List

Hello, hello. Apologies for the late post, it's been a crazy busy day full of projects and picking up kiddos etc. I wanted to share my wish list, gift guide. Not sure if Santa will make it by my house this year but I thought I'd share some of my favorites and needs (wants) none the less!


Here are the deets on my picks! Happy Holidays. I can't believe Christmas is two weeks away.

1. I'd buy three sets of these and scatter them around a mantel and coffee table when entertaining. An inexpensive way to create ambiance is to add dimmers to all your lights and scatter votive candles all around!
2. Absolutely on my list is a long beautiful pendant necklace. I'm LOVING both of these and would even wear them together, at slightly different lengths. The Wheat Lulu Frost one is from J.Crew and keeps going in and out of stock. The druzy necklace is by Margaret Elizabeth, I love her designs.
3. I love bamboo motifs. I would mix this bamboo china with all sorts of colors and patterns. It's so versatile but a bit more interesting then all white dishes.
4. I thought Carsten Holler's museum installation was inspiring. I loved the mix of gold, silver and metals. It was chic + glamorous. You could purchase one or more of these illuminated fixtures from Shades of Light for the same unexpected effect in your home, could even paint them white if you wanted to achieve the same look as the wonderful sign.
5. The zipper just failed on my down coat, it's time for a new one anyway. I may get it fixed and donate it! This Barbour version would work to keep me toasty this winter!
6. I'm dying for a few sequins in my life this holiday season. I like how these oversized sequins on this Suno blouse are unexpected! Plus I'm always cold, so it's still sassy enough to wear out for cocktails but will cover me up a bit.
7. Pink baubles, need I say more. These stackable bangles would surely make a statement, plus they're a steal at $28.00 for the set.
8. I still love leopard details but the newest gold tipped toes and heels I'm spying are fabulous.
9. My wallet is looking pretty tired. I often grab my wallet and go, so I like a piece that can be carried alone but doesn't look dirty too quickly. This Tory Burch violet version is pretty and practical.
10. Really? This is more of a dream then a wish. I'm dying for a great leather jacket. This green Balmain jacket is GORGEOUS but the cost of it could feed a small family for weeks!
11. I will own a real Beni Ourain rug some day. I know they have been all the rage for a few years now but I love the look and would layer this over a great flat wool sisal rug.


Alexandra Rae said...

LOVE all your picks, Julie! Thanks for adding to my ever-growing wish list!

Andrew Campbell said...

I hope Santa does make it to your house for Christmas! Even as a man, I say a woman can never have too many clothes or too much jewellery – especially if she knows what looks good together – and you seem to have a knowledge of just that; a little bit of diamond glitter with the classics. I also like the simple chevron design of the candle holders – they’d go with pretty much any d├ęcor scheme and they’re not restricted to any particular seasonal color arrangement.


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