Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Table

I can't drop gobs of money on holiday decorating but I adore a gorgeous holiday table. I find if you take a great idea and multiply it by many the effect is fantastic! Case in point is the idea below which I discovered on Design Love Fest and was devised and created by the Bash Please girls. This idea is
simple, creative and impactful! Read more about the details and how to pull it together yourself here. 
This would make a perfect piece for a buffet table and at a smaller scale and lower height the dining table. If you weren't up for or didn't have time to paint the holiday balls with color, I think it would look just as snazzy with various sized silver or gold balls!

1 comment:

Francine Gardner said...

I love your holiday table, so fresh and uplifting...Happy Holidays to you


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