Tuesday, February 12, 2013


around here...
I've been busy busy trying to work, it's been tough because due to the blizzard. The schools are still closed, so my kiddos are home. Here's a snapshot of an inspiration board for a project presentation I recently finished up...It's sort of feminine glamour inspired with french details, and beautiful finishes such as a brass stair rail, marble, charcoal grey velvet, and antiqued mirror!

Here's a peek at a kitchen photo shoot I just had, we used a dense soapstone for the counter tops. It will stand up better to stains then regular soapstone. I was thrilled with the results! image: Sarah Winchester
Here are some fabrics for another project I'm working on. I spent last Wednesday at the Design Center. I'm not sure of the exact direction yet but I think we'll incorporate, camel, cream, and hermes orange for sure! I'm also still loving hand blocked and batik prints. This look would look gorge with white washed or pickled wooden floors!

And finally a snapshot my good friend took of her street. The coastal towns, including mine, were hard hit by Friday's storm. Everyone is hoping to have their power turned on soon. The poor linemen have been working night and day to restore power and order. I've never seen so many fallen trees in my life. In fact there's a large one laying in our front yard!


Cheryl said...

I love the photo shoot! The tray with the lemons and limes~ do you know where it's from? I love it!

The fabrics are wonderful! I am in the middle of having my living room painted, so love looking at colors.

I don't know where you live on the North Shore, but it's where I grew up, and oh how I have such great memories of our blizzards!

I now live on the coast of Rhode Island, and am enjoying the same thing here!

I hope life is getting back to normal for you.
Our power just came back!

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

Thank you. Yes, I purchased the tray at HomeGoods of all places! I have great luck with accessories for client's there. I'm now located on the South Shore actually, in the Scituate/Marshfield area.


Lisa McGough said...


I love looking at your project photos. You have such great taste. Isn't soapstone the best? I love the texture.

Good luck getting life back to normal soon!

Jill Sharp Brinson said...

Julie - hi there - Jill Sharp Brinson here!

The Brown Faux Bois fabric - is that from Kelly W's line or where? - love that - also the coral fabric with the slim trees - love that - where is that from?
I'm obviously in need of a day at ADAC/Atlanta's Design center!
Thank you
I enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
I love the dense soapstone counter! I am in the midst of building a house and need to choose the kitchen counters as well as a large island counter. Any more images of the above soapstone one you did? The dk gray is great and refreshing to see a different color - everything seems to be light gray marble... Thanks!

Cyn said...

OK, Obsessed with the black and white fabric with the circles in the first fabric photo - would you care to share who makes it? Thanks, enjoy the long weekend

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...


Here is the fabric info. you asked for..

Black and White dots: Threads, Mirage in Granite.
avail through Lee Jofa

Kelly Wearstler, Agate, in Ebony and Beige, Groundworks through Lee Jofa

Palm Leaf: Bahama Palm, in color Terracotta by China Seas


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