Friday, March 8, 2013

Arbre de Matisse

We're on our hundredth, I mean about tenth snow storm here this winter, so thoughts of spring and blossoming buds are heavily on my mind these days. I've decided when I finally move (slim pickings on the market right now) I'm going to mix things up and make some decorative changes...(obviously) I have an old tired chair with classic lines sitting at my upholsterer. I think a classic print is the way to go, this way I won't tire of the design. Quadrille's Arbre de Matisse may be a contender.
Bill Baldwin's original design in 1965
They look pretty perfect to me Tory B.!

1 comment:

Stayci Fast said...

I got totally stuck on that green photo with the palms outside the window. Ugh, dying for some summer love here in the arctic tundra.


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