Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shelter Loves

1. I know Gwennie is everywhere but she always looks flawless! How can I not worship her style?
2. 'tis the season for layering bracelets! This cutie would look fab added to my mix.
3.  How beautiful is this scarf? I think I would have to display it when I wasn't wearing it!
4.  Summer staple - nuff said!
5. My fingers are very crossed that I find a little home very, very soon. One of the first rooms that I can't wait to create is a peaceful but sassy bedroom. Image: Emily Henderson


Sadie + Stella said...

Love that scarf and Gwennie forever!!

stephanie said...

Love your blog! and gwyneth for that matter. Am def purchasing the TB sandals!

Anonymous said...

Everyone should look as good as Gwyneth....and have her style...and her money for that matter! Now would THAT be nice?!


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