Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thoughts on home - walkway

Matty (my bf) has been working on a walkway in front of my house. I haven't had a chance to do a thing with the landscaping yet as most of my efforts have been on revamping the interior of the house but the outside of my home needs some serious love! We re-purposed granite cobblestones and slate pieces from both of our yards for the walkway. Here I've included some inspirational photos along with some actual progress shots below.
We are going to fill in between the slate pieces with pea stone similar to this.
Here is a progress shot. We mapped out the shape and Matty dug out the grass. Next I laid out the pattern of the existing slate that was already on the property. (below) We also ripped out three tired and dated looking bushes that were out front. I LOVE boxwood and plan to mix white flowers and boxwood into the new design. I don't like that large bush but it is staying for now. I think if I shape it, fertilize it and trim it back it will look MUCH better. I'm a girl on a budget so I need to be pick and choose where I spend my money. I'll share the final photos once I update the plantings and paint the facade.
This is just stunning!!
I have also decided I want to paint the front of my house white and repaint the shutters black I'll add a little color (not sure which one yet) to the front door. Here are some black and white beauties. I intentionally included some smaller homes in this mix.

** thanks for all your hard work Matty G.**
Also, thank you for all the continued support from my wonderful readers!


Anonymous said...

Hi! The picture of the first house belongs to Rene Zieg, of Cottage and Vine. Love both of your blogs!

Anonymous said...

What a fun post! I love seeing the progress and plans for your new home!

Kyle Rattigan said...

It is fun that you and your boyfriend get to work on these projects together as a team. I love your ideas and know that your final outcome will be classic and charming.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picks! And I'm nearly positive that home belongs to Rene of Cottage and Vine. Her home is lovely!


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