Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shelter Loves...

Got to love a short week, I can't believe it is Thursday already. Here's what I am loving this today!

1. I placed an order for pair of these sconces this week. They are from Duchess and Dune and available at Hudson in Boston. (the price has increased from what is listed on the web)
2. I'm liking the simplicity of this simple summer outfit. I need a few new grey tshirts!
3. I'm continually drawn to the classic facade of black and white! I'm painting my house white btw!! image via Lonny.
4. I'd love to splurge on a chloe mini marcie bag!
5. Instead I may opt for this classic Tory bag, I'll save myself $1000!
6. How cute are these equestrian inspired items? Via Rebecca Ray.
7. My trip to Bermuda can't come soon enough...It was 49 degrees and rainy here yesterday. I actually turned my heat back on!! My boyfriend said I was a wimp...A wimp about the cold, hells yes! A warm wimp at that!!



Lily L-M said...

Jean vests are back with a vengeance and I love it! 90s revival, here we come!

x Lily

laura Madalene said...

Thank you for your new ideas. Here i got some of Living room design ideas for my friends house and hope I will contact you soon.

Katy Byrne said...

I love that Chloe bag. Love.


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