Thursday, June 5, 2014

Love the look

I've had a super productive work day, hence the 4 pm blog post! Wow, my blog is looking preppy this week, must be my upcoming trip to Bermuda or all the depressing rain...either way, here's the look I'm loving this week!


#1 - similar shirt here
#5 - Lauren Hope has so many cute new items on her site! I NEED this bracelet!


Andrea - Under a Blue Moon said...

That is the cutest shoe shot I've ever seen. Normally I think this angle is overdone but you've managed to refresh it! And the outfit is adorable!

Lily L-M said...

Oh my goodness that CUFF! Love it so much.

x Lily

Gadeer said...

I love this! By the way, I love your site! Here’s a link to my blog if you ever get a chance to read it:


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