Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shelter Loves....

I've been trying to squeeze in a bit more time to be inspired online and by other blogs lately. I've also decided to start reading again. It is so hard to fit everything in but sitting and reading a good novel is the ultimate escape. I used to read at the beach but now my eyes are on my little ones...Do you have a favorite novel? If so, please do share.... :)

Here is what caught my eye this week:

1. I love these booties and would live in them this Fall. Nordstrom's sale is in full swing!
2. I adore an array of small necklaces. I wear two all the time and one has my children's initials on it. This one is precious.
3. Different is refreshing....Blue cabinets would make quite a splash in small quarters.
4. Capri - it's on my "bucket list".
5. I received this adorable Mimi and Muff beach tote a few weeks ago as a gift, I've been enjoying it ever since.
6. I hope my kitchen tack board looks something like this! I'm hanging it today.
7. I wish this world were full of more men like Martin! The news is so sad lately. I feel blessed to live such a safe and secure environment.
8. How cute is this anchor door mat? Switching out a door mat seasonally is a great way to update your entry way.


http://rstyle.me/n/mtrgnpwjn - doormat

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