Monday, August 4, 2014

Bachelor Pad

I woke up this am unsure about what I felt like posting about today, then while searching for a client piece I came across this fabulous man nest! I love how it incorporates vintage plus new items and fearlessly mixes metals. And those windows? Wow!

Men and women often have different ideas of how they want their home to look. My boyfriend and I often disagree on design aesthetics, he doesn't quite understand my layered approach yet. (key word: is YET). I'll have to show him this home, maybe seeing it executed in a masculine fashion will be a better sell. Designed by Summer Thorton


kristin said...

really like the wood storage above the fire place.

Amy Wolff Interiors said...

Amazing use of metals and wood. The masculine side really shows well in this design. The designer did an incredible job!

laura Madalene said...

You have a really wonderful studio home. Looks like the decorations are almost complete. Love it!
Attractive Summer House Design

Erin Burke said...

Gorgeous! I definitely lean towards more masculine spaces. Thanks for posting!


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