Thursday, December 18, 2014

Love the look - holiday sparkle

I've been thinking about my holiday outfits and what I am going to put together. My look for Christmas and New Year's eve just wouldn't be complete without a bit of sparkle..Here's a selection of some of my favorites this year!! Jenna has such an effortless look. (top right)

1. The Lulu Frost designs are some of my favorites. Her prices are a bit higher but the pieces have a one of a kind look and the quality is beautiful.
2. There is something so sweet about bows..Bow ring
3. By Lauren Hope: I am buying this to layer with my other bracelets. It looks great!!
4. So pretty...
5. I don't wear much red but a ruby ring is perfect this time of year!
6. I seem to collect J. Crew necklaces. They look fabulous!
7. Multi glitter earring, nuff said.
8. I love emerald stones and these statement earrings from Kate Spade.

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Lily L-M said...

Love myself some holiday sparkle!

x Lily


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