Monday, August 10, 2015

small style

There is no question that smaller scale living and being mindful of our carbon footprint is something most of us are considering these days. I still don't know how a family of more than two live in a house smaller than 300 square feet (see HGTV's Little House Big Ideas Show) but to each his/her own! 

I dream about living in a house larger than 1500 sq. feet daily! Although, I am loving my heat bill in the winter and how cozy my new home feels. I do believe that small spaces can be functional and beautifully designed. Check out Chris Burch's business venture. He has left fashion behind (Tory seems to have that covered) and is now designing and selling small, beautifully designed pre-fab homes. True, most of these homes will likely end up as pool or guest abodes in The Hamptons but I am loving the concept.
The company is called Cocoon9. The lofts and cabins begin at around 160 sq feet and are sustainably built. Read more about his venture here. There is no doubt small can still be chic!!

Chris recently held a party in one of these tiny beauties. Here's a peek at tiny but luxurious living. I'd love to plop a Cocoon down in Nantucket or maybe Vermont! All images via

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Notes From ABroad said...

My hsuband and I bought this house thinking of it as small. Now that he is gone, I feel it is large enough for me with the cats and occasional visitors. I like big homes .. but I am trying to adjust to the idea of small.
I have my eye on a house that is half the size of the house I live in now :)
It should be interesting.
The cats are not commenting.


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